Higher self or perhaps something else?

Yesterday, while I was thinking about stuffs I had in mind one sentence : “In fact, we never really know how our soul looks like.”

Right when I finished the sentence, I had a vision, very strange because a perfect mix between my mom, younger, and myself. The person was staring at me, no words, no approach. Nothing else but staring.

She seemed cold but not mean, a silent force yet sensitive, all of that kind of things but always paradoxal. She basically had a balance of everything but really strongly.

Other feature was that she’s paler than me. I’m mixed and my skin is brown but my mom is mixed as well and white. The vision was tinted but paler than my mom and me.

I have absolutely no idea if it could be something like the higher self or other else.

What do you think guys?




I never really payed attention on that subject as I was focus with the development of other things but I should take a look on this now.

I assume we can change that Godform and speak with it ?

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I’ll make an intuitive guess on this one and say that it’s very likely to be your godform.

Sure things god forms can take on a whole lot of different appearances from what I’ve been able to understand however, they at least maintain a trace or some resemblances to the body they’ve inhabited/reincrnated into.

You can speak to your godform from what I’ve been able to good, I think @Lady_Eva provided a method to do just that in a post somewhere. Or you can simply try to meditate with the intention of getting into contact with it and you might just receive something or meditate on the vision you had and see where it takes you?


Depending on what you mean by change it.


Thank you for the precisions, I will take a look on that method. I’m very curious about it also to see if it can teaches me things or makes me realize what I’m suppose to change for the better… I don’t know.


I mean physically, like I’d like to know their real form before taking the appareance of the mix of my mom/me. It’s curious. I’ve seen people here talking about their Godforms could be for ex Azazel or other beings, I find hard to believe that mine could be a being like that.

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You can surely change the appearance of it, for sure. But may not the core substance of it. At least not that easily.


Thank you for your opinion! As said, it’s really mostly to see how it really looks like without my flesh. I will see !

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