Higher Magickal Manifestation LHP v.s. RHP

So I watched this video of this youtuber Im quite a fan of, he is big on LOA stuff and is a pretty good guru.

My only, ¨problem¨ with what he teaches is its mostly that same love, light, peace is the answer rhetoric we always hear. But since I havent started a youtube channel to be able to explain my more LHP philosophical approach Im stuck with this.

Anywhoo, he speaks on raising both ones vibration and manifesting at faster rates by adopting higher states of consciousness, the highest states being peace and enlightenment.
Can´t someone be enlightened without being all lovey-dovey, like there are real geniuses who were rather cruel and did some pretty distasteful things correct (Im thinking Hitler)?

I can see how Love can be easily applied to the LHP since you just substitute love and joy for people to love and joy for killing, money, personal ascent etc.


They must turn everything into a religion, that’s the only way for them to make money out of it and “attract” blind butterflies! Like the founder of Scientology once said, the most profitable business in the world is religion. LOA became a new-age religion now.

Who said that higher consciousness states are love and enlightenment? I’ll give him $5,000 if he can define consciousness or enlightenment and support that with any proof or evidence. I’ll wait :smile: If we don’t fully understand what consciousness is, yet. How he can claim that one emotional state is a higher level of consciousness than another? He can’t. But people buy whatever makes them feel good. That’s the real “secret” of love and light. Mental and emotional drugs.

Manifestation is the core principle of magick and witchcraft. There’s no LHP or RHP in the craft itself. Claiming that only “love and light” vibrations are higher or bring more powerful manifestations, only means to me that this guy doesn’t know or understand how the whole thing works because he’s not an occultist. He’s just copying what’s in the “secret” movie/book over and over and over like the rest of those Youtube Gurus.

All kinds of human emotions, in my opinion, can be used in magick for manifestation. The key is to know what-when-how to use them. It’s a complete spiritual science, way beyond the so called law of attraction.


I agree, I feel defining and limiting our view of consciousness is to close minded. But you do have a point with them being mental drugs, I feel that because people get addicted to the feeling happy all they want to do is be nice and feel happy when they could benefit from being more ¨mean¨ and unhappy or dissatisfied at times.

How does one feel emotions like anger, hatred, grief and guilt without taking on some of the biological downsides? Well, I guess if they know how to bounce back quickly and are relatively healthy it is fine.

Agree again, but I struggle to know how to implement things like dissatisfaction, hatred, and anger, I mean i can see the use in something like baneful magick, but even then @Qayos recommended to not fuel the manifestation with emotions but have them as the end product.

If you have any readings or videos on channeling some of these emotions please share them.


If you’re interested in a more balanced view of the LOA I would recommend this girl :

She’s very practical and understands how positive and negative emotions can be used for manifestation. I think you’ll find her point of view interesting.

Ophiel’s books ( on Amazon/Scribd ) mention how to work with emotions, and Gallery of Magick books ( except the emotional transmutation process that I don’t agree with ) their understanding of emotions in magick is very accurate, they just implement it in a wrong way sometimes in my opinion.


I disagree with Shame being at the bottom of the pyramid, feeling ashamed to do things that are beneath you motivates people to live into their highest aspirations.

Was Mozart being somehow lowest of the low if he refused to do shoddy rushed work out of shame for that being attached to him?

Shame is healthy or unhealthy, just like love and anger, depending on the context.

Putting Grief down there is also a bit dubious, “Hey Mr Smith, don’t be sad your kids got mown down by a drunk driver (we’re giving him shame counselling so he feels good about his choices), just rejoice!”

And, like, “Desire” as well, and “Acceptance” being so high up there, when it’s ridiculous to Accept things in all situations without feeling anger or the other stuff that’s “lower”… nah man I got too many issues with that being standard “Renounce your ego (to make room for mine lol)” and all about muh feels to take that diagram seriously, soz! :blush:


I couldn’t say this better.You can find everything that guy says in the books.He is just a pretty face,to be honest.


UGH, yes a breath of fresh air from my guy who has a solidified paradigm. I´ve only watched a few video but this is what I requested, thank you my guy. I hope she does more videos she is funny and shiens on camera :slight_smile:


Lmao I understand what you mean, he actually references a lot of the books he reads and the techniques he explains. This is actually why I liked him to begin with because he was like the most consistent poster for LOA stuff as well as constantly boosting his credibility and ethos.

When I meet him in person I´ll be sure to help him out but first I gotta get some clout and views myself haha.


These “lovey-dovey” people who possess high vibrations are only like this by choice(some are not strong enough to control it or even acknowledge). I have soley dealt with the sephiroth and it’s paths primarily for some time, as well as everyday sex magic practices with intent to raise celestial consciousness and vibrations. Common symptoms when using higher energies whether sephirotic, enochian, or just meditation is Higher sensory perception which gives the ability to see the pain in people causing deep sympathy/empathetic emotions, always seeing the positive in people ( which is pure Oblivion and a big fault), as well as wanting to help others just because. But I can attest from experience that these emotions can be ignored ( because that is all they are, but in the purest sense) and those energies may still be used for selfish, or destructive purposes. As one of the crooked path, it should be acknowledged that all came from Nothing and she (Tiamat) is the generator of it all and that the powers that lie within ( whether passive or active) can be used for perfect alignment to this source to bring out the full manifestation of whatever the will desires!


It’s true all kinds of emotions can be used in magick to manifest the desired. But - as an example - trying to manifest say, a loving relationship whilst in a state of hatred, is not gonna work whilst you’re in a state of hatred. For that to work, you need to express and release the emotion of hatred, and move onto a higher emotion (a higher vibrational state in other words). I’ve given a very simple example with a very simple explanation, but it’s applicable to everything that can be manifested. For you to manifest what you desire, you have to be in vibrational agreement with the essence of what you desire - that is, the vibrational frequency that your desire resides in. And that’s where the fun and games tend to start. :wink:

Enlightenment = higher awareness/understanding. Consciousness = levels of awareness. Those are my definitions.

If the words LOVE and LIGHT bother you, try replacing them with LACK OF RESISTANCE TO WHAT YOU WANT.

The Universal laws involved in attraction/manifestation (aka LoA) are the foundation of magick, and it’s a foundation I find many are ignorant of, or are neglecting to learn about (mainly because it seems airy-fairy on the surface… lol).

LoA has always worked the way it does. It’s just people being much more aware of it and doing their best to work with what they know. No need to be snooty about it - I applaud them for trying.


Absolutely. In the Law of One channeled material this is called the STS (Service to Self) path as opposed to the STO (Service to Others) path.

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Hiya OP! Geniuses sure can be cruel- archetypically represented as mad scientists, ‘dark monk’s, and monsters, they’re just different ways of interpreting the ‘love and light’ ways of enlightenment. The emotional circuit is a continuous progression towards self-realization: by burying yourself in a type of feeling, you tune out to the other feelings generated by your life. The real scale is between illusory saturation and spiritual saturation; you can either drown in sensory or social phantoms, or in cognizance of reality as-it-is and your place within it. Substitute ‘peace’ with observation and ‘enlightenment’ with self-awareness, and you do actually boost your manifestation rates. You just have to dig deep enough to have an actual sense of who and what you are, rather than what you intellectually understand about magic and what you believe to be you. It isn’t about you, it’s about U! :slight_smile:

Believe it or not, you can always choose your reaction. This means you can always choose what emotions to generate in response to something, and there are biological components to each of the emotive outputs. You can be ashamed of yourself or feel guilty in order to motivate yourself, but why would you choose to be that way? When you grease negative wheels, their speed is exponentially magnified. Fit the feeling to the feel- be what you need to be, if you know the effects of the emotions on your body and mind. IME there’s never a reason to feel shame, guilt, acceptance, etc- the most powerful reaction is trust, in your abilities and spirits that you can get shit done. If you don’t have trust, you have steaming, rancid shit! :slight_smile:

Doubt is the most dangerous emotion, because it works in direct opposition to you. Shame creates bodily burden and invites an excess of spiritual and physical waters to inhabit you. Guilt is the same but for airs, and is easily transmitted into a feeling of responsibility- responsibility without guilt is strategy! Apathy only helps negate things mentally, but enough of it can turn two negatives into a positive. Grief is necessary in large doses over short times or vice versa to flush the system, but having it constantly stops you from sticking to things. Fear is a direct fuel, and can either burn you up or bite at the ankles enough to polish you into your best. Desire is just an acknowledgement of lack, rather than an action to get rid of said absence, so it’s not really helpful. Anger can leave your bodies with a case of the coals, but if you use it right is actually a better guard than you’d expect. Pride is only useful immediately after manifestations as an anchor to the feeling of success, but is otherwise a toss up as to who it’s more dangerous for (you or those around you). Courage is like trust’s little brother, and almost as great! Neutrality doesn’t really help you unless you’re trying to remove yourself. Willingness is a parameter of life, and acceptance one of thriving- acknowledging that things aren’t as you want but that that can change is a stop-gap in the mind! Reason is fallible, and love is, well, love. :slight_smile:


Allow me to disagree. Moving from one emotion to another/higher as you describe it would be total waste of energy. Why not start with the one you need to use?

In my opinion there’s no such thing as higher/lower vibrations when it comes to the nature of any emotion. Higher/lower vibrations means the intensity of the emotion, not what kind of emotion it is. You can use any emotion to manifest anything. Hatred can be used to manifest what you love without any need to switch to another emotion.

The idea that you need to be in “vibrational agreement” with your desire is true, but it’s not about the emotions you feel, it’s about something else entirely. Can’t explain that unfortunately. You can use any emotion as long as you know how to use it right for a specific desire you wish to manifest. As I stated in my first reply you need to know “What-When-How”. What emotion you decided to use, when you should use it, and how is the best way to use it. Doesn’t matter if it’s love or hate. :wink:

What you’re basically saying is the same thing in the secret and law of attraction teachings, which is not entirely accurate because it’s not written by occultists.

Ok :slight_smile:

Great. You do the same. When you’re speaking, replace the word “black” with the word “plastic”. Lack of resistance doesn’t require feeling love and light. But if that’s what it means to you, then that’s what it means to you. You can condition your mind to accept any meaning for anything… doesn’t mean it’s true. It only means that’s the meaning you choose to have for those words.

I watched the secret movie and read tons of books about the LOA and used countless times. LOA as described in the secret is not the foundation of magick at all. In magick, any and all emotions can be used, no such thing as higher vibrations and lower vibrations. You can use love or hate, happiness or anger.etc That’s not what the secret/LOA is teaching.

No. People disagree with this basic/childish understanding because they know better :slight_smile:

If it works for you the way it does that because it should. But that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. If that’s all you need to know, then all good and great. Use it anyway you wish.

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What i think a lot of the people who teach the LOA dont understand is that the emotions they deem as negative are just as important as the positive ones. We have a wide spectrum of emotions for a reason and choosing to shut some of them out because their unpleasant is not healthy.


True but feeding into them from the gnosis of those higher beings WILL affect your perception and overall act in ritual

About emotions:
There are no negative or positive; good or bad.

Is just if what you are doing, feeling is helping you achieve your goal.

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I worked with this RHP or “lovey dovey” as some are calling it here for years and i felt like a complete looser . There was way too much focus on being positive , I was totally brainwashed and felt like I committed a big sin if I was a down on a day. I was forcefully trying to be happy all the time like I was high or something suppressing my emotions! I’ve probably had the same amount of success in 6 months of LHP which I had in 10 years on the RHP and I can be my self and feel every human emotion sad, angry, frustration or happiness as it comes ! However I have noticed when I’m down or frustrated I don’t feel the demons presence :thinking:


It’s not what you think it is, and be mindful of the sources you were looking at. Most of them are inaccurate or incomplete, including The Secret. The best resource I’ve found so far is Abraham aka Source (via Esther and Jerry Hicks). I recommend checking them out then living and breathing their teachings for a year. :wink:

You do start where you are emotionally. I didn’t say you shouldn’t. But at some point you need to move on. It’s a waste of LIFE to remain stuck in anger, hatred, or whatever. :wink:

And that’s all it is - an opinion based on misunderstandings that you’ve picked up from incomplete or unreliable sources from what you’ve said. No, vibrational frequency does mean the type of emotion - or in simpler terms, low vibration = negative/feel bad, high vibration = positive/feel good. I’ve been consciously LIVING and studying this stuff for a few years now, and I know what vibration means.

Nope, it can’t. The Universe only brings to you the essence of what you’re vibrating. So, for example - hatred really does beget hatred in many forms. Including situations, people, things, ideas - and energy. It brings you more of the same, not more of what’s better.

You’ve contradicted yourself there. First you say you can manifest what you love even from a place of hatred, but then you state the above…

It is exactly about your emotions since your emotions show you the frequency you’re vibrating, and therefore what you’re attracting (there’s more to it than that, it’s about momentum and time too but I’m trying to keep it short and simple here…).

I agree to a point. The time to use a crappy emotion to manifest what you want is early in a ritual. GoM-inspired. :wink: It involves changing that emotion to a better-feeling one. And I’ve done this plenty of times, and it really works.

Occultists don’t know everything - certainly a lot of them haven’t the first idea about this stuff.

I agree that a lot of the LoA stuff you get out there are written by people who don’t really fully understand the nature of it either. And yes, there are a lot of misunderstandings out there about the topic.

But the one reliable resource available is actually taught straight from Source itself via Esther Hicks. Aka Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks).

Abraham has told us through Esther that whenever we feel moments of great love, exhilaration, pure joy, stoned-out bliss, even the energy of sexual orgasm when we feel that Energy Flow rushing through our bodies, that is the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham “is”. (Source: https://www.abraham-hicks.com/about/)

That’s the only LoA resource I’ve found that is accurate, clear, and free from misunderstandings. I’ve lived and breathed their teachings daily since 2016, and it simply works. When I first read their books, I was highly skeptical, but I decided to keep an open mind and test their information. It didn’t take long for it to become obvious to me that their teachings are water-tight.

(As a side note, Esther and Jerry, along with Abraham were also part of The Secret, they pulled out due to a contract issue. The people who took part in The Secret were not frauds. The people who were producing and marketing The Secret dumbed it down to suit the masses. There’s nothing wrong with The Secret, as long as you remember that a lot of the necessary information is missing and you’ll need to dig deeper elsewhere to find the real gemstones. :wink: )

I can see you have a lot of confusion about the topic so I recommend the Abraham Hicks material if you really want to improve your understanding. They do speak more to the non-occultist crowd since that’s who turns up most at their seminars, and they are repetitive (which is partly why their message is so darned simple and clear - they don’t muddy the waters at all) but there’s plenty of value to be had in their teachings regardless of whether one uses magick or not.

I never said it meant that and I didn’t say it meant that to me personally either. I’ll clarify. Pure love is a higher emotion. It’s a higher vibrational frequency. It’s inherently free from resistance. So are appreciation, joy, bliss, etc. Hatred is a lower emotion. It is a lower vibrational frequency. It is inherently full of resistance. So are fear, jealousy, rare, anger, sadness/depression, etc. Hope that clears things up for you.

I agree to a point, yes we can condition our minds to believe or accept anything. I don’t agree that what we choose to believe isn’t true for us. I’ve found that truth is basically subjective. Personal truths doesn’t have to rely on agreement with another about the meaning of something. That’s just agreement.

You’re right, it isn’t. See what I wrote about about The Secret above. It’s a nice starting point, but you won’t get far if you rely on what it teaches, since it is incomplete. You need another resource, and the best and the most accurate I personally know of comes from Abraham aka Source via Esther Hicks. And what they teach is the foundation of magick. Magick could not exist without the Universal laws. I know this through direct, personal experience on a daily basis. So I’m not blowing unicorn dust out of my ass on what I say about the LoA. :wink:

Btw I’m a LHP magician, not a wishy-washy, airy-fairy, arty-farty new-ager. :wink: I know how to use my emotions in magick AND in the mundane world to gauge where I’m at, vibrationally.

And I swear by Abraham Hicks for a good reason. You can use their teachings to help boost magickal outcomes even more by learning how to combine their teachings with the rituals you do. I should know since that’s what I do, and it’s one of the reasons I’m still alive and breathing when others have tried all kinds of shit on me, like several attempts to kill me, Saturnian necromancy, bindings, actual torture, among other shit from my enemies. :wink: I’m actually doing better than I was 6 months ago, thanks in part to what I actually know about the LoA, my emotions, and vibration as taught by Abraham Hicks and because I combined it with ritual work and offerings. Of course, I also work with entities like Azazel, Lucifer, Belial, etc. But they validate what I know about the LoA via occasional reminders about it when I get stressed or tired.

Pre-2016, I was using magick, but I was struggling a lot with it. Abraham Hicks teachings was a huge game-changer and lifesaver for me. I’ve spoken with some of my spirit allies and teachers on occasion and have had validation around all of this, as well as having tons of feedback from my physical reality, so I know what I’m saying is spot on.

Firstly, don’t confuse The Secret with the LoA. What we understand as LoA has been around forever, in constant action. The Secret is a tiny blimp in time. :wink: Secondly, you’re right, it’s not what The Secret teaches. But it is part of what Abraham Hicks teaches. Of course, if you choose to read their books, you’ll get that quite quickly.

Now that is a very naive belief that you have, and yeah I’m well aware that there are plenty of people who think LoA is pure shite. But look at those who practice LoA as it needs to be practised. And look at the naysayers. See the difference? I do. The quitters who are BS’ing about LoA being rubbish tend to be less successful in their lives. They have more struggles. The ones who do practise it correctly do very well in different ways with fewer struggles. They tend to be happier. The proof is in the pudding.

Yes, there are many rabbit holes. Just try to go down the right one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve noticed the same thing. Demons don’t get down like we do. The only entities I notice the presence of when I’m feeling down are low vibrational beings (beings that are malicious, angry, hateful, or ones that thrive off fear, etc - usually parasites or similar).

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Interesting! I’ve made it a rule now , no evocation when down ! I was so used to praying to god when I was down earlier that by habit I started doing that with demons like “I’m sad let’s connect with Lucifer and feel better “ :joy:

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