Higher form of life

Hi guys

I was watching a cartoon of shazam and black adam comic book characters. And one line that black adam said was " when humans crush an ant beneath their foot do we feel remorse or bad about it no is it because we are evil or is it that we recognize OURSELVES as a higher form of life"

And that comes to god almighty himself to god we are ants/insects to him and he probably views us as such the same we view ants/insects we feel and think we superior to them and that they are beneath us.

Think about like this to ant or insects we seem like we are gods and giants from the view of an insect. But think when humans get on planes and helicopters and has a birds eye view of a concert or festival or a area with very large crowds people like millions and billions of people gathered at one place from a birds eye view we look like ants very feeble and weak and able to crush without effort.

That sounds like yahweh and he isnt the supreme god at all,what many of us consider the omnipotent being is named source,and I dont even know it does think that,or it thinks at all.