Higher energies uncomfortable

My work has very recently become much more intense. Just an hour or so ago I rose. In my vibration. It hurts. This feels so exalted, but at the cost of my head feeling a massive pressure upon it, and my ajna activated. My head just feels like pressure

I must feel more comfortable with these energies.

God I really just be making some changes in myself, because the second I said that I immediately was more comfortable.

Anyways, what are some ways ai can deal with this transition phase?


So, it seeems like affirmations may work for you if that statement helped, and then you can boost that with Afformations™ - explanation for those new to this. :thinking:

“Why am I so comfortable with…?” etc. Your brain will rush to fill in the gaps.

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Well it’s more like it manifested instantly. I’m in a huge manifestor mindset.

Also, thank you, lady eva. I’m gonna fix up mywlff because the side of my head is pressured in a weird way and I feel like I am moving weirdly now.

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Search middle pillar exercise if you don’t already know it, the cycling energy may help balance that. :thinking:


I was recently given a “channeled” exercise by a Deity I work with. The point was to let the Deity enter and provide some of the energy for the working I was doing. I was dry heaving once they increased the energy level past a certain extent. Her advice, as I was dry heaving for a few seconds here and there - “Let it happen and keep going” and I did.

A few night later, it was supposed to happen again. This time, I only retched half as many times.

If they’re guiding you to take on that much energy, they’re likely conditioning you to it and/or raising yours to better deal with it later. I had had a similar experience happen months prior and once I realized what was going on, could see the progression in the amount of energy I could handle. Doesn’t mean I can use all of it for a singular task, but…

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