High class girl

I got this under control, a high class woman wants to date me and I don’t want to wait till I’m cured, so I asked belial Sallos and sitri to cure me and make me date this girl , she’s head over heels and I dont know what to do now that’s why I come here in BALG to make sure what to do next??


Cured? Why does the woman’s “class” matter?

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She told me she rich and got pictures of her

Oh…um well, and then why do you need to be cured to date her?

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I’m still in rehab and I am in a care home treating my sickness of paranoia and psychosis, so I asked certain demons to cure me quickly

Hmm, well from personal experience (not me but someone close to me) I know that those things can be short term - to long term care. I of course don’t know the whole situation but who I can suggest to help with the healing is

Marbas (if I’m spelling his name right)
Raphael (arch angel)

For love, well any spirit under the Venus current will do.

I won’t give my opinions of this “girl” but maybe check motives.


I’m just going to say “high class” people with money don’t usually go around telling people they’re “rich”.

That’s just not a classy thing to say. :thinking:


That was my input I just didn’t want to get in the middle of it, I find it sketchy.

Honestly I would work more on healing then this girl but I won’t make decisions for you so if you want to date her, then spirits like Lilith, Freyja, Sitri, etc.


I can show you screenshots , not that I’m mad at you , but if you want screenshots just tell me

We don’t need screenshots and in case any revealing information about her is included then not a good idea.

Maybe I would pay attention to her character, and try and find out her motives for wanting to date you. If you are okay with what you find - then go ahead.

I’m not saying this to dissuade you ( I might be wrong about her) but I assume you want a relationship right? Well make sure your guys motives and reasons for “getting together” work well. Just what you said about her seemed like a red flag to me. Dunno.

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Thank you brother

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Yeah, also, how is she “head over heels” when you haven’t been able to date??

You know who lovebombs and promises the sky… before dropping you like a stone (it’s called “the discard”)? Narcissists out to use people, that’s who.


That’s what I was afraid of. OP seems like a nice guy, maybe even alittle naive. Which is what I’m afraid the girl might try and take advantage of.


I agree with @Mulberry. Be careful.
You need to find a healthy balance between not being paranoid and not being naive.


Again, I can send you screenshots

To prove what exactly?
Nobody doubts that girl told you she’s rich.


Are these conversations between you and the woman private, contain private information that someone on a public forum could use to do harm with? If so then I suggest against it. Even a name can be looked up. This is a public place.

We believe that she told you these things, it’s the actual motive behind her words that are being questioned. People can say anything and mean something completely different.


As @Helena said, that doesn’t prove anything. It’s probably against the rules in case there’s any identifying info.

C’mon, you’re still in a place where you call a potentially sophisticated and financially independent women a “high class girl”. Your naivete makes you an easy mark.

Speaking as a cougar, you’re either ripped and hot af and all she wants is your body, of there’s a scam afoot. If you’re lucky it’ll just be lending her money, which you’ll never get back, which you’ll have to repay whoever you borrowed it from… why she thinks someone in your condition can afford that I don’t know. I doubt she cares, she’s probably working on many guys at once.

Maybe she’s your twin flame, I don’t know, but the pattern says she’s a scammer.


Even if this is love you need to take care of your mental health before getting into a relationship with anyone.

Also the internet is a werid place with people who like to project a fantasy rather than who they really are.