Hiding my energy

Is it possible to “hide” my energy. Im going to be making a connection with someone next week and I dont want my energy noticed by someone else who can tap into it. I want to cloak it so it cant be “read” or “felt”

Hopefully that makes sense.

It is possible, but it is not always the easiest thing to do. There are also a few different ways you can go about doing it.
I personally would suggest trying to mask your energy to match the energy in the air around you.

My energy will change if things go as I hope. I don’t want that seen or felt as least before i’m ready. Blending is fine too as long as it hides any change.

Try to make a specialized barrier that mimics your energy and use it to hide your changes till your are done.

Is that like shielding but blending the barrier/sheild/walls to my surroundings?

Try visualizing anything around you with the intent of doing that , the easy way is just to work with a spirit to do it for you tbh

Look into the rose cross ritual.
This has some of the basics around it.

Thanks so much for the info’s!! I’m going to ask King Paimon to help me as well as watch the videos and do some practice runs before I contact the person. Very much appreciated!!

You can also try Furfur, he specialises in hiding magickal energy during workings, he might be able to help similarly here.


What you need is an invisibility spell, or some magic device to make you invisible (ring, amulet, pantacle, etc)

This is what the rose cross ritual is :v::alien:

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Trouble is I live with the person I don’t want my energy change detected by. Wouldn’t the invisibility spell may be to much? I just want to kind of throw a blanket over it and hide or just not have it noticed.

Will look into furfur too.

If you want such a specific manifestation, you will need to modulate the spell, control its potency and such.

What Id do was to sigilize that specific intent, include the sigil in the spell and see how it will play out, then, adjust as necessary. Its the simplest way of doing this IMO.

Abbadon, Lilith, and Lucifer are decent choices. I have some other recommendations for spirits here.

In still working on the cloaking talked about in that thread but I will of course put it on the forum when it is finally finished.

I didnt know that ritual. Seems interesting, gonna try it when I get some time.

I’d advise watching the attached video as perceptual invisibility comes with its own risks.

For example…traffic that can’t perceive you.

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