Hidden Name...Was told to come here

I am ghstrydr.
I am a ghost.
I am introducing myself.
I was given gnosis while reading the following below, and was then bitten by a blood sucking mosquito.
I hate mosquitoes, but was told to mention the biting.
I am told there is a hidden name. Amun-Amaymon is the name given, but there is another name that will not be uttered or written. I am putting this out there for the person I was meant to confirm this for.
“The Black Sun, Amun-Amaymon devoured you, smothered your radiance in the despair of the journey through death, not bothering to mention the glory of the resurrection and the Eternal, limitless exhalation.”
This is the passage I read, and I was very much compelled to contact someone, unbeknownst to me. This is the first step in my journey.
Thank you,

Koetting, E.A.; Ford, Michael; Kerval, Edgar; Duvendack, Bill; Stewart, Orlee; Jehannum, V.K.; Petrucelly, Enoch. ABADDON: The Angel of the Abyss (The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers Saga Book 4) (Kindle Locations 730-732). Become A Living God. Kindle Edition.


Message isn’t for me but thanks for following the instructions of those that are wiser

I appreciate the reply, and am looking forward to an interesting journey.

Well this one might not get picked up to easily just because of time of day but if your following the wisdom of your guides your definitelyy gonna have a great journey myself I can’t hear spirits so it’s hard for me I rely on mental images but even then I’m still blurry most the time I’m not sure if I’ll get hearing or sight good enough to just read a letter lol. Have you checked out the scanning threads? With there extra insight you’d probably be able to help some people out, ask them please if they have any advice for making myself a stronger muse

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Thank you.

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Be creative in everything you do. Make it yours fully. Imbue it with yourself. Breathe your life into it. A muse is always an inspiration. In order to inspire others one must pull the inspiration out out of their own self and breathe it into their everyday world. see the inspiration in your everyday mundane world. And meld with it.


Welcome to the forum !

I’m trying to do basically as you instructed besides I have asked basically everyspirit that my attemps to send energy everywhere can reach. I’m actually trying to basically keep my potential being charged up and powering the large output of energy to bring joy to them through inspiration and all that good kind of stuff since I fused my potential with my permanent museing. I’m also charging it up through knowing the joy it brings me to bring joy to others. The energy I normally feel when I focus on intuning to my potential is being pretty constant about seeing the bizzare looking color spectrum it makes over me. I definitely started out remaking the nuse concept with tones of creativity I spent like 3 hours just writting a giant list of self programming and reality creating sentences it really helped. I also just did a thing for channeling for others on the Insperation type and Im able to channel a bit easier so that’s good anytime someone freestyles near me it’s gonna be awesome as long as they just let it flow. My self image while I was working on this the spirits made it so I had tones of picked flowers all tossed around me and there was a dude with a banjo so going and dancing off to the side too, so I know I’m getting a great response from the spirit that gives me inspiration because I know I’m being enjoyed as a muse allready humans are the harder one to do it for but o well. They just tried to have me be on stage in front of of a full audience to sing I’m like Ina room with roommates and stuff so I pictured a real short person thinking a kid and channeled to them as they started to sing I seen the main image used by the disturbed band which is awesome. I should have just sang lol but I’ve been having trouble lately singing but I did just realize I could hold the channel better. Just the thought of being a muse is inspirational for me. Thanx btw for the info, I’ll try to make sure I appreciate the essance of basically everything that I feel or interact with.

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Ill repeat this to the public forum:

“Whats most important is always better left unsaid”

We hear you loud and clear friend.


The hell is this. Ghost or not please introduce yourself properly. You told us nothing about you other than some mumbling.


Welcome @ghstrydr Unfortunately, this is not a proper introduction, and does not meet our rule.

Tell us about yourself and your experience in maigck.

Where do you hail from?

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

Failure to do a proper introduction will result in removal of any subsequent posts you make or suspension of your account until our rule is respected.

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I will absolutely clear this up right now.

A requirement to give any information to a forum that caters to the Left Handed seems very counter intuitive. The reasoning to want an introduction is 100% valid and understood, as introductions can help in a million ways. That being said my intention was not to side skirt this very important rule, nor fail at the ability to communicate. This is the first time in my life I was accused of mumbling, so if I was not concise with my thoughts I am here to un-jumble the mumble.

Aside: I feel what I stated, (more so what I did not state,) was very telling to those who were listening, but I was in a rush and wanted to get this out of my head as soon as possible.

Here is a real introduction:
I am old, I have grey hair. I have fathered 3 offspring, 2 hobbits, and one of legal age, all with the same partner. I was abandoned at birth, left for dead on the doorstep of an orphanage, and shipped to America at 6 months old. My birth name means Star Emperor. I am going to skip ahead, as this will be a dissertation if I continue.
My interests are chaos, and I cannot say I align in any certain camp. Anarchist to possible libertarian if I had to choose, (not the nouveau version of libertarian…)
I have been indoctrinated in esoteric matters for over 40 years, but I am 100% brand new. The first cut to the ties that bind us happened 2 months ago, very unceremoniously I might add. Within 2 days, my father passed away and my disabled mother now lives with me and my family…basically things changed, and the wish for upheaval was fulfilled in spades.

I was called to put something out there, and it was not for me. Maybe the call was my imagination and I wasted bandwidth and time.

Lastly, I ask for nothing at this point and will offer what I can as far as information. I felt a connection with one of the authors. I have rebelled from society, life, establishment ever since I can remember. I have finally, and very recently, found acceptance with myself, and without the need of other assistance. 2+ years without a dragon to chase, and my rebirth to the world was a harsh slap in the face. If anyone can hear these words and wishes to converse more, please feel free to drop a line. I have 10+ years of daily theology classes in which to base my current path of study, and finding concurrent truths within different ideologies, as well as the omission of truths, is even more telling to me.

Hope this suffices, thanks for reading.


Do you practice anything?You have given many biographical details, including your political leanings, and say you were “indoctrinated in esoteric matters for 40 years,” but you haven’t actually stated if you have any practical experience in magick or not, or if you practice any systems or traditions.

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I considered myself new to this side. The work I have done in the past could be considered esoteric knowledge over esoteric application, but if I am correct that is true with many practitioners?
I would guess that the right handed ideology presented me with more ritual and practical application than I care to give it credit for, so if it is necessary you could say that I played for the other team for a long time.
The absolute practical side came to me very recently, and either it was one hell of a coincidence, but as I stated, within 2 days my life was absolutely changed, and several important results fulfilled my original intention, with an unwanted/unforeseen expense. This could have been true with other things in the past, but I was not at a point to see the manifestation of my desires for what they were.
The relevant information is there, so again I am not intentionally avoiding what is being asked of me, there is just not a name to call it, other than I am super new to the practical side. I am new in many ways to the practical side of the LHP, but have deep down been ideologically aligned my entire life it seems.


So let me translate this… You were a Christian or something like that until 2 months ago and you don’t have any practical experience. Right?

Well you kinda did, took like 3 posts and a channelling (?) to say something close to what we asked. In any case, welcome to BALG.

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Thanks, I think that bit got buried (I like a wall o’text myself, as you’ll see if you stick around!) so I think we covered everything there? :thinking:

Sorry to read of your father’s passing, I hope that learning some different magickal techniques grants you methods of closure, as it did when I lost one of my own parents. Using shamanic methods, I was able to get a lot of closure, and then later the goddess (demon if you prefer) Buné allowed me to make contact, as well.

I’ll be PM-ing you shortly with a load of info on how to use the forum, and find all the good stuff! :+1:


For LHP this seems like a bad HOA. You guys are all awesome gods and your intuition is spot on.
Fucking Christ.


Welcome home brother. May your journey be fortuitous.

Well I have been bitten by mosquitoes frequently on meditation but, don’t think I have consciously met, amum-amaymon…