been around here for a year and a half and wanted to inroudce myself.found this forum through looking for powerfull spells i want to become much stronger and level up in my energetic level to become powerfulll wizard
and a living god(so cool) feels that i found my place and home in lhp but also want to learn how to heal and hope to finally open my third eye.find new ways and knowledege and most of all happy to finnaly find pepole to talk with them about this(from israel nobody i know here is intresting or probally run screaming in fear if they know about this lol)and a place where i feel like home and can find friends and pepole to learn from all about the ancient gods(hate the word demons they not deserve to be call or treaten like that)and learn how to connect with them:) sending to all lots of love!!!^^


Welcome officially then in BALG :slight_smile: You will find plenty of threads here for the things you’re interested. As for the word Demon, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a word way more ancient than the JCI religions that made it to something evil and bad. A Demon is a Guide, a Divine Being that’s much respected. I have made a large post about this if you’re interested


Hi welcome! That’s awesome! I also very much interested in healing! Also in the darker Arts of magick .