Hi to all - new and hopefully faithful member

I am having trouble writing an intro now but will attempt something

long story short I have been on some sort of path since freaking childhood but i always had to either battle acute mental/emotional instability on it, or simple skepticism/unbelief from my perspective (IE i would randomly lose faith, interest, or what have you)

recently spoke to a psychic type woman who indicated to me that “I am wasting my skills” and that “I’m supposed to be doing something” and it would have I suppose to do with the dead, or spirits of the departed or crossovers, etc.

but she dind’t say very much more than that it was one of those things

I found and have recently become interested in Santa Muerte so that’s what I’m doing now

a reason though I wanted to join here was

  1. maybe like minded persons
  2. that whole thing about maintaining focus or committment because I DO lose it
  3. possibly practical help

i’m now in my 40s, and the only thing I’ve done consistently as a practice is tarot/divination. Everything else I had more or less given up after mid 20s

now starting up again hopefully and i love it that yall here are and have been in it for the duration - very inspiring




What kind of magical practices have you dipped your toes into before?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions of magick?


well it’s been very sort of ad hoc and not disciplined and not sure it all counts as a practice per se but

  1. i have had spontaneous with spirits and dead and people who have passed over (whether I knew them or not) like helping them pass over or something weird like that (recently happened in November last year and this Equinox which is why i think it all became a Thing for me again) but IDK if that counts as a practice

  2. candle magic and spellcraft re Wicca (all self-study)

  3. once again IDK if this counts but yes great experience (though sporadic) with LOA/manifestation

  4. I do come from a Catholic background so IDK if working with saints counts? I have worked with St Jude Thaddeus who once manifested a house fire for me, of all crazy things (long story) but also other things like $, etc

  5. like I said recently due to various converging signs and interests and due to #4 have been/am developing a relationship (to put it that way) with Sta Muerte

  6. I have at various points read or researched re other metaphysical practices occult things, sigils, chaos magick, demonology, Kybalion, but kind of just to know what it was about

  7. as I said earlier (and this has been most consistent thing) tarot. clarividence, and prophecying things generally. Save that except for tarot it is not entirely within my domain - all sort of spontaneous, sporadic, and not entirely useful to me. Am also a decent astrologer

my main concern is how to make it a living practice v a sporadic thing and it seems like being around good ppl who have managed it


oh I will add i have had experience in what i guess ppl now call shamanic? But not really I don’t think legit native american Shamanic things, but more like Robert Moss and dream things, etc.

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the BALG forum.

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thanks :slight_smile:

Hello there @liminal_lumen, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::blush:

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thank you :slight_smile:

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This definitely counts.

There are also a fair amount of people that work with both the lighter and the darker sides… For example, I lean Left Hand Path, but mainly work with Middle Path Gods/Goddesses and have a trusted angel I call to when it is appropriate. What’s important is what calls to you, regardless of Light/Dark, Left/Middle/Right.

And before I forget, welcome to the forum.

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thank you very much :slight_smile:

I would be open to either path, truthfully, but i become really unbalanced, in a really non-functional kind of way

it is in fact already starting to fucking happen to me I can tell

am/was going to write a qestion post about that in fact soon

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Get yourself a cheap, softcover exercise book - there’s your first Magickal Journal so learn how to use it.
Study and choose a banishing ritual. Practice and rehearse - daily.
Checkout enns - there’s some on YouTube. You may even make yourself a set of chanting beads from 100% natural materials and learn the powers of chant.
Obtain and consecrate a pendulum, then design your own Ouiji board with the appropriately consecrated Seal underneath and see how you go.

Anyway, just suggestions.



Welcome :blush:

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thank you :slight_smile:

what is ‘enn’? I saw a Peter Enn on youtube talking some Christian stuff, is that it? somehow doubt it

in the past IE 20 years ago I did banshing rituals that did not work. I did everything from salt to sage to walking around backwards to carrying tourmaline and I still had ‘stuff’ happen. That’s when I gave up on spiritual practice or whatnot.

the difference between now and then is I was a very unbalanced alkie back then and now I am clean and also am way better about self care, exercise, etc so am hoping that this makes and would make my passage easier

i do have to brush up on good banishing rituals though

I have in past 2 weeks a daily meditation practice with natural beads - someone gave me a pendulum not too long ago but I didn’t know what to do with it so it’s sitting there (homework haha)

is the pendulum for yes no questions?

and the Ouija thing… We did as kids do the Ouija thing with a glass and paper but IDK re the seal - i would have to look that up - it had never occurred to me that it was a serious thing for some reason