Hi.This is my introduction

Hello. Im sorry I didn’t do the introduction last year but English is not my first language and Im also bad at explaining because I have some type of dyslexia lol But thank you for the patience.
So I do gray magic and black magic since I’ve been 12 years old now im 21.Honestly white magic or green never got my interest I’ve always been drawn to the darkest side.Im from Europe, country Romania.Now recently I’ve practiced black magic more and worked perfectly for me I can say It never back fires so I can say Im not really a beginner at this topic but also Im not an expert.I also practice law of attraction. For now Im in college and I study Art which I kinda suck at doing like Im literally the worst at doing art in the world believe me. But now after being an Omnist(which means respecting and believing there’s truth in every religion)now I decided to join Satanism. I tried to work with Lilith she really helped me a lot with my confidence and healed my broken heart Thank you so much Mother Lilith. I tried other demons too but they didn’t seem to answer. Now Im working with Lord Lucifer. Which I want to thank Lucifer for everything he gave me and helped me right fast! Maybe is not complete yet but I can truly see HIS HELP! And I love him for that. He’s literally the best and I’m going to keep on working with Lucifer I can even feel his love. So I thought to join this forum 1 year ago because I want to get advice and know more about demons, about magic and working with entities.( sorry If I wrote too much lol) I added a picture of myself just in case if its needed.


Welcome to BALG! I’ve also been trying to connect with Lilith, but haven’t had luck so far. Good to see you got help :slight_smile:

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Hi there @Jane_Fiddler :wave:t5: Although you’ve been a member for two years now, nonetheless, thank you for making an intro & welcome to the forum.


Welcome to BALG!



Is there any particular system you’re using?