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My name is Tim, i have had since birth a way of knowing my past memories. Even of close to this incarnation here today.
I have learned my souls age to be around 23 eons… and of non earth origins.
I have always been able to see things change in the eyes of people. Example: my fathers eyes were cat like, pupil leaving his eye.
My first gf (black wiccan witch) she could turn her eyes completely hellish black, and i felt like a dead person next to her. While still feeling our burning love.

Happy to share more, just a few things here.

Me and my father both had affluence with black magick.
Eventually i had to start protectiong myself from his attack on me.
The worst was when he penetrated my last aura and planted tentacles inside.
Found my own way to keep his darkness at bay while having to resort to black magick myself.

My preffered type of magick would be to astral project anywhere i’d like to. Have experience in this. But as you can read, this is far from the only thing i have some skills in.

I have seen some things i’d like to have an better explanation about, maybe here i could find some awnsers?
Have tried the conventional way, but i guess i scare lightworkers away with this heavyness haha.

Oh, little sidestory… someone tried to talk to my soul via black magick. I felt my eyes turn milkylike and felt black around my eyes grow.
There came an tremendous voice of power from my throat, and yes i felt how it was lightblue in the centre and black swirly on the edges.
The caster told me what he was doing, as he said my soul felt ‘very ancient’.

Thanks for reading.

Welcome to BALG.
I’m curious as to what is a “black Wiccan”… It’s the second time I hear this “title” but I can’t find anything about it…

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Greetings and welcome. There are many posts/links regarding occult knowledge, check out the sites search engine at the upper right and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You will find the answer.