Hi there

Hello my name is Ayesha im new to magick but for the past couple of weeks i’ve been interested in how magick works and other things too. As im also a huge animal lover iv’e been trying to find out if there is any magick that can help animals or has really anything to do with them. My goal is to use magick to help animals in any way i can. Nice to meet you all xoxox


hii theree :smiley:

I’m new to

glad im not the only one lol what kind of magick do you like?

Just learning what kind I like… You?

same tbh but im trying to find some magick that helps animals in sum way and im already getting some help

What brings you here?

honeslty no idea lol but i found out about this forum from youtube so i decided to check it out and its really cool :smiley:


Hey guys I’m actually not new but I have sme advice,you can start with learning how to communicate with spirit animals,I would suggest researching how to find your spirit animal/s first.

okay thank you very much <3

ok so i searched it up and im a bit stuck. im either getting silly quizzes that make no sense or just a bunch a stuff i dont understand :frowning: sorry i dont mean to be annoying

No its cool,there is actually a forum about evoking spirit animals.Evoking animal spirits

omg thank you so so much :smiley:

Yup just ask,I help when needed.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome @ayshii :slight_smile: