Hi there... I’m new

Salutations everyone. Im an avid lurker of 5 months and just created an account so I’d like to share a little bit of my backstory.

My family has a history of sorcery but it’s frowned upon due to experiences that have happened with certain relatives. I have practiced the dark arts since I was a teenager. The first spell I ever casted was a love spell and it worked a little too well (I was immature at the time) and the second spell I did after was a curse on my cousins relationship (his ex wife was anusive to him and it was a toxic relationship) following the passing of my first pet (after throwing myself at the mercy of yhwh) I stopped doing magick and tried to devote myself to the straight and narrow. I was on that path for 10 years and within that time I went through unbelievably toxic and hellish “relationships” with people I’ve had romantic machinations for, platonic, aswell as familiar.

My snapping point was when I discovered what my last ex actually did to me and the missery he bestowed upon me and the life that he and this woman (who is complicit as she knew of me when we were together) live at my expense while I was dealing with my mother who was undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 breast cancer.

So now I’ve returned back in the dark arts :slight_smile: open to friends and I desire for my life to actually become easier AND for the aforementioned people to PAY dearly!


Welcome to the forum, and I hope you find everything your looking for.


welcome to the forum. Do you feel better returning to the arts? I never like yhwh, guys a jerk lol. Welcome back to your freedom!

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Thank you both :smile: Yes, I’m happy to have my freedom back.

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