Hi new to the forum!

Hi everyone, I’ve heard good things about the BALG forums so thought I’d check it out. I’m Jason, started exploring the LHP and black magick occultism three years ago after nine years of being Wiccan, but Wicca just wasn’t deep or meaningful enough for me. Eventually I was called home to the “dark side” beginning with Luciferianism and since my self-dedication I’ve expanded my path to include Theistic Satanism and Demonolatry, black magick, etc. Where I’m currently at on my journey is working on sharpening my astral senses and my ability to conjure demons and develop my ability to more effectively honor, communicate, and work with the demonic divine and spirits in general. I find this path to be truly fulfilling beyond words can appropriately describe and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me to experience. I yearn for more elevation and ascension, knowledge and wisdom.

It’s nice to be here. Hail Satan and hail you all!

Welcome to the BALG forum!

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