Hi, New to magic

Hello all, my name is Kacper. I’m new to magic, but I practise meditation before.
Reason why I found myself here is summoning succubus. I read succupedia letter of intent ritual and I want to try it. Also I want to work with my psychic senses to be able to communicate with her Best I can. I found void meditation and information that I shoud work with third eye chakra.
I’m looking for any advices about what else can I do to develop my senses.
I’m also have two question

  1. I want to try invoke succubus next week and I don’t know if it isn’t too early for begginer to summon anything?
  2. I’m also thing that it is too soon for me to do it, but shoud I try to work with Lady lilith to ask for help with senses development?
    Sorry for bad English, but it isn’t my native language, I try to do my best.

Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


Hi @Kasim, welcome to the forum

Liber Null suggests honing some basic skills before trying to summon anything. I would be a hypocrite for suggesting that method but I tend to agree since before I had any senses (mine are still pretty weak compared to a true adept) I accidentally summoned a greed demon that haunted my wife for a week. So basically results may vary.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you so much I would like to talk to you about magic thank you

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Nice to meet you and everyone else


Thank you so I would like to talk to you about my succubus is that k

sure, i’ll pm you