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Hi my name is parshan I’m 22 and I’m from Iran. I was burn in a very conservative Muslim family(I don’t share their beliefs cause after couple of years of research in my teenage years I was finally able to break free of the mindset and realize that religion with all respect is stupid)
My fascination with occult started few years ago when I found some kind of Islamic talisman in my pillow(it was after i became infidel as they call me so i rose hell in the house to find out who did it and turns out it was my mom.she admitted that she got it from a sahir and had put one there,one in my drink in ash form and another burnt and scattered around my room to supposedly make me more obedient and well since then I don’t really eat anything they bring me:) ) after that I started to read about magic to find out what exactly it was they did to me and after awhile I became really interested and couple years later I stumbled across this forum and here I am
And for my experience in magic,its not much I have some in meditation and candle magic but I’ve been reading mostly, hopefully that changes now that I’ve found such active and sincere like minded group.
Any way Tnx for reading


Welcome to the forum.

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One last thing I wanted to add is that I know there are a some Persian texts on magic that don’t have English translation so if any one has one that needs translating I’ll happily do it(not that I’m a professional translator or anything just trying to be useful)