Hi. New member and begginer

My name’s Itchel, I’m mexican, and pretty much a begginer witch. I started on November 2018 and I’ve tried to practice and learn by myself secretly since I come from a catholic fam.
I’ve tried to pick resources from everywhere and different practices to check, but I think I’d definitely love to focus on prehispanic practices (aztec ones, mainly). I started studying more about them a few years ago and I’d like to keeping the folklore of my country alive through magick.
If someone can recommend stuff about this I’d be really grateful, as well to talk about this :slight_smile:

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You are welcome to BALG!


Hey there

I’m also new to the forum and magic and also from Latin America and from a Catholic family. I’m trying to just understand the most basic concepts right now, but I wanted to come and say ¡compartí el tekila!

See you around

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