Hi New Here Thanking Grand Duke Dantalion

Hi. I’m a student of Demonology and Magick as of yet and wish to thank Grand Duke Dantalion for all the help he has given me. He has made the imposible POSSIBLE in all aspects of my life. You must celebrate and rejoice his name once he has helped you. Praise thee Godfather Grand Duke Dantalion for all you have done for me.


Hi and welcome. Please elaborate on your experience, how long have your practiced? Where are you are from and what should we call you? Roughly how old are you?

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Welcome @DantalionForever Please introduce yourself properly, as @Keteriya asked above. Your introduction must be about you and your magical experience, not a thank you to some spirit, so please tell us about yourself and your practice. As it stands, this post does not meet our rule for a proper introduction.

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