Hi, my name is Mark

Just wanted to say hello. There is not a lot to tell about myself, I am very new to magick. Mainly I think I just want to have a little more control over myself and therefore my life.
(actually I want everything, above was my politically correct statement, but I have to start somewhere, so why not with myself)

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Hello Mark, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Pull up a chair and have a read around and tell us what you like with maybe a question or two. The search button at the top right of your screen is your first guide for specific queries and things of interest to you.

Here’s an idea, click on the search button and type this …

‘Whats the best way to start with magick’

See just how many things are there?
What kind of control over yourself would you like?

Welcome @mark.nnnn

Do you have any sort of experience in magick?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

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ohaiMarrrrk. Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the world of online magic.

I don’t know much about magick. I have seen the LRP, that is how I got confused by Uriel being in green and to the North. I read that on a Llewellyn blog post. Is the Uriel of the LRP the same as the uriel from Uranus. he is Earth in one place and a planet in another. Or does this kind of thing happen a lot…Entities performing dual duties?

Anyway, Geomancy is interesting to me. But it looks like a guy named Greer is one of the few people who write on it. I made a Acquisitito, Minor Fortuna geomantic talisman. It was kinda cool and kinda fun. I also made a gamahe that I buried.

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Yes, it is the same angel. Depending on the source, some angels are given multiple attributions.

Michael is a good example. Some sources place him as the Archangel of the Sun, while other sources put Raphael in that position.

It just depends on whatever attribution you find more energetically useful.

For example, in the LBRP, Crowley reversed the cardinal directions of Air and Fire, placing Michael, Fire, in the South. However, according to Damon Brand, the oldest sources place Fire in the East, as that is the direction of the rising Sun.

The LBRP works well with Crowley’s attributions, but experience has shown it works even more powerfully if you put Michael in the East according to the older texts.

Uriel = Earth is the oldest correspondence though, as Uranus is a comparatively recent planetary addition.

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I do the Cabbalistic Cross, LRP and Middle Pillar daily, but I still can’t tell really tell what is going on with energy. (its been about 2 - 3 weeks since I began doing it daily, should I know more by now)

Right now the closest I get is a sort of feeling that says something is working. maybe I will try it the other way. A guy named Skeed (or something like that) has a guided meditation he based on Damon Brand that I kind of avoided because it had Michael in the wrong place. turns out it may not be wrong at all.

I guess I need to try it both ways and see which one feels more correct/proper.

Thank you