Hi! Just a newbie intro

Hi everyone! My name is Sara. I just joined and it’s a true honor and blessing to have come across ppl like you. Finally a platform where I belong. I’m excited and looking fwd to all the discussions. :purple_heart:


nice to meet you!:heart:

Welcome @Truthbetold.

Can you please tell us if you have any magical experience, and what areas of magick you are interested in?


Yes I do have experience. I make demonic pacts for a living and own a business based on LHP. I do Satanic tarot for ppl along with rituals. I’m here to grow mentally spiritually. My goal here is to learn from others and contribute my own wisdom.


Thank you for describing your experience. It’s helpful to know when new people join the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome @Truthbetold…! That sounds like a really awesome way to make a living e.g doing what you love… Much respect. Dark regards

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