Hi, introducing myself

Hi, I’ve just discovered this forum and hope it offers a lot to learn. I was raised Hindu, grew up in the Midwest, had a secret interest in the occult from childhood onward but never really started practicing until about 6-7 years ago, when I was desperate to get out of a toxic family situation, and I realized that the subconscious mind is real and mine has been trying to guide me down certain paths that are more true to my real self.

I’m interested in chaos magick, eclectic magick, core shamanism, LGBT-friendly forms of spirituality, and scientific research into occult phenomena, particularly in terms of neuroscientific explanations for altered states of consciousness and the mind’s hidden capabilities. I’m particularly interested in integrating spirituality with hard science.

I’ve had some success with sigils, LOA-type manifestation, shamanic journeying, invocation of god forms, automatic writing, and curses. Not much experience with divination or scrying but might like to learn more and get better at it. I’ve read a little about the CIA’s experiments with remote viewing and influencing as well, and find that intriguing.
I would love to learn more about various branches of magick, and how to get consistent, reliable results in order to make a true science of this practice.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ll be sending forum welcome PMs in a batch shortly but I’ll shoot you my core shamanism tutorial now, I don’t know how much you’ve practiced this already or done any trainings, but you may find it useful. :+1:


Thank you so much! I’ve tried some journeying on my own before, but this is the most clear and concise guide I’ve read so far!


Thank you! :+1:

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