Hi, I'm Thaddeus

Hi, I’m Thaddeus from Italy. I searched about various topics on the net and I discovered this nice forum so I decide to sign up to it. I’m interested in a lot of magical subjects like hoodoo, alchemy, taoism, animism, shamanism, kabbalah, herbs and crystals magic but one in particular: chaos magick. Recently I’ve read Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine and I started Advanced magick for beginners by Alan Chapman. I have some questions about this and I’ll open some topics about it for sure. I didn’t practice something yet. I restarted to meditate every morning and I want to start to do some visualization exercises. My goal is to become a better person. The life gave me some problems and I would like to improve my life, take my life. I’m so curious about everything and my struggle is defeat the lazyness and the bad thinkings.
I’m reading De Occulta Philosophia by Agrippa, they are three volumes about the three types of magic (natural, celestial and cerimonial), it’s very interesting. I have a long list of books to read, from alchemy to Jorg Sabellicus, runes, tarots and so more.


Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time on the forum and learn many new things.

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Thank you a lot

Welcome Thaddeus

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Thank you :smile:

Welcome ma oh legeto antrodellamagia.sono a member there.intersting forum .

Welcome :blush:

I know that forum too :grin: it’s very useful for me