hi i'm newbie

My greetings to all, I am here to learn and have your advice. I have been interested in magic for only a few years. And it became my main passion. I read some books in French, (because I’m French) but there is not much since Eliphas Levi … So, I turn to the English-speaking world given the ton of work that there is on this quality market with its progressive and varied literature. Thank you, for you to welcome me on this forum. My goal is to become a magician and to be perfectly bilingual. Regards, Savoseta


Welcome :))

Welcome to the BALG forum.

Welcome to the forum

Thank you everyone

Darkest greetings n warm welcomes my dear.

bienvenue cher compatriote !

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En fait, je suis du Québec ! Mais merci!!

pas grave :wink: on est cousin !

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C’est certain! Heureux de faire ta connaissance. On pourra peut-être communiquer et se raconter nos expériences de sorts et ldes travaux effectués. Je travaille présentement avec le DoM de Winterfield et le NaP. Et je te tiens au courant, si tu veux, des résultats.

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no problem! if you want

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