Hi i'm new here

Hi, i’m Kollas 21y old and novice in magick i try astral projecting for 3 years without succes.
i’m not really interested in magick yet . i just wants to get closer to my companion spirit. note sorry for bad and slow writing, i never made an account til now so i didn’t learnt how to type. i’m also English is secondry language top off that i suffer from asperger syndrome.

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Welcome, new here myself, just wanted to say don’t worry people here are really helpful. As far as English as a second language, the best way to get used to something is to practice it.
I am diagnosed asperger as well, but I dont think its accurate personally. I believe it’s just a label for something that isn’t understood and they have to have a label for everything so it’s a catch-all. That’s just my personal opinion and I’m sure there will be other inputs on it (hope there will be, give us both a chance to learn something). Best of luck in your path.

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Hmm… :thinking:
I might think that too, for some mental problems.

thank you i and you are right the people here are really helpful atleast that is my first impression.Best of luck in your path too.

Fully agreed on the some part, definitely not all are just catch all labels.
My example of asperger’s is this. I was diagnosed around the time I was 20, was already married, and had been in the same job for 3 years at the time. My parents were in one of their moods so I was trying to smooth things over by agreeing to go see someone and figure out “what’s wrong with me” (this was a reoccurring thing and my mom would still be doing it now if I hadn’t put my foot down). Few tests, few meetings, and the doctor sits me down with my parents and my wife, and told my parents that I have aspergers and would not ever be able to hold down a job among other things. Of course I just bust out laughing at it, because things that I was told I’d never be able to do I’d been doing. Granted not all cases are like this obviously, I can only speak from my personal experience. I honestly just think she didn’t want to say "I dont know why he thinks differently " and had to slap something on.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Agreed :slightly_smiling_face:
To me, there is no “he can’t do that” in Aspergers at least. A friend was told he would never be able to get into university and there he is now, continuing his studies, chasing his dream.
I believe many things are possible when there’s will involved.

No its fine it was good to read sorry i’m not much off a storyteller to tell my case.

No need to apologize, I would recommend working on putting your thoughts down, in a journal, just a piece of paper, can even direct message me if you want. Going through the effort to puts your thoughts down by any means will help you organize them and recognize ones that may potentially hold you back. Again that’s just my opinion, so take it for what you will.

I,m getting tired now so i leave the post,goodbye.

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