"Hi", I'm New here

Hello, my name is Alice (A-lik), I would say how old I am but I’m told, “that’s bad form”. Needless to say my looks don’t tell the truth of my age: Let’s just say I’m old enough to remember such bands like The Smashing Pumpkins when they were still good & Nirvana before Cobain died (a dark day for me & many).

Just to get it out of the way: I look so young because my Hypothalamus failed in producing GnRH (responcible for stimulating the Pituitary gland to start producing sex hormones) about the age of 13 yrs old.

I did the treatments for awhile but convinced my parents to stop because they were making me sick & crazy. I convinced my parents (hardcore Conservative Christians) that it was simply, “the will of God” for me to be this way (after much debate & arguing).

I don’t mind looking like a kid though: despite it being a hamper on any possible sex life with any healthy adult.

I’m Non-binary Polyromantic Pansexual (like that matters). I don’t have a preference in pronounce: He/She/They/Hen/Banana it doesn’t matter to me.

I “left the fold” at 13yrs old & started to dable in the Occult. Played around with Wicca for a bit during my teen years while studying Buddhism (various schools of Zen & Tibetan Mahayana). I gained some good ethics from these studies & practices (which I still practice to this day).

About 3 yrs ago I started to get back into the Occult due to the fact that I’ve always seen, heard, & sensed things from those apart from the everyday world.

I started studying Lucifernian traditions simply out of curiosity until one day I found myself confront with Lucifer himself who first appeared as a brilliant & bright shining being wreathed with flames. One such vision which I’ve seen more than a few times.

On one such occasion I found myself kneeling in a room, whilst in Zazen meditation, when his familiar voice echoed clearly like a clap of thunder which vibrated through me… Though he could not be seen… His voice said, “Come & Behold”. I opened my eyes to see the room engulfed in flames. Yet, because I was already in such a tranquil, passive state I didn’t freak out.
Before hand the room had been sweltering hot & had no A.C. & yet shortly after phantasmal fire engulfed the room a cool sensation like ice water in the veins filled me from head to toe. I could feel the flames licking me & yet it was as if it was the welcomed sting of ice upon my skin.

My lungs even burned as if I had ran a mile in freezing weather.

I looked around & said, “hu’… this isn’t so bad”, then returned to closing my eyes & meditating.

I’ve some experience with Divination: with wicked accurate detail & results. But, I’m sh!t at taro. Mostly it has come through just “knowing”, “hearing” or “seeing”.

I have an interest in Energy Work & work with my Chakras using Seed Sounds.

I’m nothing special, nor as unordinary as some would think… Just not the norm from what many people know. I’m not the best at magic but that’s because I don’t really have any experience with consiouse practice.

I’ve had some experience with channeling: though most of it undeliberat.

I have 8 daemons whom I work with & believe (though can not be certain) that I’ve had a run in with Azazel. I can’t say for certain, but at least that’s the name the Spirit within me (at the time) told the Preacher to demanded its name said. Yet, when he attempted to command it out (“in the name of Jesus”) he simply laughed & walked me back to my seat & sat us both down.
After it stepped out of me, it said, “he hasn’t any real power or faith” in my ear, before walking to stand in the corner of the room where I could still feel his presence.

But… Yeah… So that’s me & a bit of my experience.

Just call me Al for short.


Welcome to the forum.

Thank you… I like your pic & user name

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Plenty of us fogeys around here. I was in high school then.


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Lol… We are getting on up there in our old age & set in our ways…lol

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hehe, well, can’t change it and I wouldn’t want it to last forever, anyhow :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

At least you don’t get mistaken for a gradeschooler/highschooler on a regular bases lol. You know how hard it is to buy cigerettes when they think your I.d. is fake? Or how difficult it can be to get a decent job when they think you’re still a kid. Lol…My usual reply is, “I was alive when Bush Senior was in office”, almost as if I’m saying, “I don’t just remember NAM I was in that Sh!t”…lol :smile:



Lol, no, no I don’t.

Welcome to the forum Al, great to have you here. :bouquet:

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Great to be here Your Highness of Mustangs :wink::sunglasses:

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Avatar Aang, is that you? :flushed:


Lol… I never thought of it, but I guess I sort of do look like The Avatar… :sweat_smile:. Thanks for next Halloween’s Costume idea.


Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things.

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Thanks: I still hope to one day have the opportunity to study under an accomplished Tibetan Lama who’ll agree to teach me Tantric Arts & Healing Arts such as Rieki

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Welcome to the forum

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Your memory must be better than mine. I don’t recall them ever being good. :wink:

I was alive when Ford was in office. Now comes the part where we compete to see who has the most ailments and yell at kids to get off our lawns