Hi, I'm new here and introducing myself

Hi everybody. I’m new here. I just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been coming to this forum for a while, just looking for more information about a few things and as I’m learning more and more about magick, decided to join. I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone and learning as much as I can. I hope everyone has a great weekend.



Do you have any experience with magick?

What kind of magick are you interested in?

I’ve had some experience in the past as far as having people do work with black magick for me. I’ve been especially interested lately in baneful magick because I’m noticing more and more that when I get angry with someone, if I focus and channel all of that hatred, anger and animosity towards them, it manifests itself into revenge and hurts them (car accidents, losing jobs etc). It’s been happening a lot lately. I


What your doing is spontaneous direct magick (wishing really hard) and you have all of the components to do sympathetic magic ( will, emotion, and a window of focus).

Sympathetic magick requires no entities. But is boosted by them, it sounds like you have a patron deity but don’t know it yet. Good luck with moving forward.

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hi iam erastus gaweseb from namiba

iam here to lean about making path with the demon or spirit or entity iam i beginner

@Egaweseb You are required to make your own introduction instead of going around and posting in other people’s.


Hi @lawclerk :wave:t5::blush: Your post was very much needed right now, so thank you. It helped give me the extra boost I needed to proceed forward with one particular plan I have been mulling over for the past few weeks.

I’m very interested in hearing your point of view and how you came to the conclusion that I have a patron deity. I’ve been told in the past that I have a spirit around me protecting me, but never took the time to explore it more.

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Gosh you’re beautiful!

Welcome to the group. Everyone here is freakin amazing helpful! I hope you enjoy it here!!

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Thank you @Angelb1083, I genuinely appreciate the compliment. Thank you for welcoming me. I’ve only been a member for a few months but am learning so much here.

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You are so welcome. I am glad if I can help with anything let me know. I found much information here and learn so much about myself from this forum everyone is truly amazing!

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Back story: When I was ten I got a copy of a satirical magazine called MAD which had a cut out paper Voodoo Doll. I cut and crafted the paper which was printed as a small straw figure, 6 inches tall. It had about ten phrases that you could cut out wealth, illness etc. I cut out illness and got a long pin and slammed into the doll and shouted affliction and named a teacher I disliked. The teacher called in sick the next day.

I felt guilty but wondered could there be something more to this. Much later I was to find out that there was a series of spirits attached to me. There are many twists and turns to this… In my case it was a generational hex that was placed on my father. Many other unusual things happened as a teen.

In this case it sounds like you have had others cast for you, when that is done, no matter who cast it or the ritual, the summoned spirits know who it is cast for and the reason. With that knowledge whatever was summoned especially for bane has taken heart and followed you, knowing your the person behind the castings.

Whoever cast for you has had some success and you might ask who they worked with as that might be the deity behind your spontaneous magic with your frustration with others and there bad luck and misfortunes.

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