Hi I think I'm ready to create my hypersigil

Hi, I think I’m ready to create a hypersigil. Can someone give me any tips? my character won’t really look like me but my past and future selves will, I’m not myself right now so instead I’ll draw my current self as a plush. I would really like to see this work it’s more like a diary trying to communicate with my other selves. I really want to see if I could pull it off. Please give me any tips you might have.

no, you are ready to make a hypersigil when you already have your idea on how to make it. that’s the famous catch with hypersigilization.

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I know how I want to make it. I just want to make sure it’s effective. What if I try to do this whole thing and it literally ends up doing nothing.

how will you make it? on one piece of paper, or some other format?
please describe!

you should just kill that line of questioning “what if nothing happens” cause always something happens.

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I will draw it as a manga and I’ll post it onto this website and a few others.

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