Hi, i need some help

i am new on this , but i am not scared at all , I really waiting for this , i want to make a contact with a demon to guide me on what I want to do in this life , and i wanted to try contact now , but i want to ask if i am correct about summoning , i understand that i need his sigil , enter in the trance , and chanting his name and visualising his sigil in my mind?and yeah , to respect them and to be honest , but you know?I believe and I know what respect means

Welcome. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area and tell us a bit about yourself and any experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Edit: please ignore. I saw your intro posted just as i did.

With few minutes ago , i tryed my first summon of King Paimon , to be honest i tryed to be calm how much i could , i use his sigil on the phone and a candle , i was somehow agitate , but after i start to say King Paimon after a while i get calm i don’t know why , and i am really calm now , but i feel something like I am high from drugs for example i don’t know why, and i am relaxed , my body is just relaxed , but i feel constantly something back of my head , but not like an headache i don’t know how to explain

You may be in the Theta Gamma Sync (theta brainwaves which lead to the gamma ones, then there are the rapture and crossroad states). There is the “Zeal chakra” on the nape, if your feeling is there, it’s possible that it was stimulated.

yeah , but i was really agitate , and now i am just tired but so freaking relaxed , i like the filling , when i start to say King Paimon i start to be relaxed so relaxed , honestly i never been that relaxed and after i had feeling like my heart was beating agressive but not into a painfull mode , i think i feel anything more intense , and sudenly i get tired

you made contact bro, he comes hella fast

i think honestly he was trying to speak with me , but i am new , and i think chakras has an negative effect on this because is was my first time

i will try again tonight , man i am out of energy honestly after my first summon