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I’ve been a solo practitioner in NYC since I turned my Back on Blue Star 30 years ago. Recently I started branching out, I worked with St. Expedite on a legal matter and got same day results on a case that was in limbo for months. The thing is, Baron Samedi let me know that he was the one that did the work. I’m fine with worshiping him (even though he kept me busy over Easter) I just really don’t know much about what’s going on. I’m not a biblical scholar and I didn’t know anything about the lwa,

Basically my work changed from “hey, universe this is my intention” to this IS happening NOW.

My worship changed from gee I hope this pleases you to, do these things exactly as directed.

My life was revealed by Baron Samedi in a psychic vision that turned out to be more true than my version of reality.

So I’m here asking if this is common? I mean I’m not freaked out, I’ve seen stranger things. It’s just terribly unfamiliar,

Anyway, I blogged my story so if anyone wants details I can just cut and paste it here.

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It is a rule of this forum that all new members must introduce themselves, and your post fits the criteria of that so I have moved it to the proper section. :slight_smile:


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Hey, @Karmen21. Please do an introduction as I see you haven’t yet, and it is a rule of this forum. Open a thread in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have,

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Weclome, Val.



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