Hi, I’m new!

Hello, my name is Maddie. I’m from California. I’m a 34 year old mom of 4. Most of my Magick is to be the best I possibly can for them and of course myself. I work from home for a call center and I love what I do! Being able to work from home with my children was one of the first things I wished to accomplish with Magick upon finding out that Magick really is real.

I converted from Christianity in 2016 & began down a path that I now would best describe as very new age. Colorful like the chakras lol which led me to learn about self awareness and SHADOW WORK. I discovered many things through shadow work. My abilities were my favorite discoveries

I started a fb group for shadow work and it grew decent size but my audience, I feel, didn’t understand the depths of what I was discovering. Up until last year I manifested via law of attraction and with personal development/ shadow work. So I basically worked on myself, became self aware and learned how to step into my own darkness and own my power. I feel my years of shadow work play a huge roll as to why majority of my Magick has been successful. I have zero interest (at this time) of changing anyone else. I only want to change me.

I practice energy healing, various forms of divination and I have the gift of automatic writing

For spirit work. I started with goddesses but then found angels only last year. I had zero desire to work with anything that even sounded remotely biblical. I have since overcome that way of thinking. This year I began working with demons and my first experience did scare me, but I got past it. My most recent experience with Duke Murmur. Let’s forget for a moment that he delivered within a few days. I am over here wondering why this spirit is not talked about more, because I am absolutely positively blown away! I’ve heard he is aggressive but that is not my experience at all. Very direct and to the point yes! But not aggressive at least not for me.

He is helping me work through some thing I was negligent with, as I have not made the best choices in my life. And now that I’m cleaning up some messes from the aftermath of some of those choices I’m happy to say that I found some relief working with this spirit, this is something that was bothering me for a very long time and I actually thought I was gonna end up homeless! We still have some more work to do (Murmur and I) but I wanted to have someone to talk about it with because there’s not very much information other than the basic book descriptions. Facebook groups are not very helpful either someone has something snide to say or not very many people worked with the spirit.

Anyways, I’m very happy to be here and hope I can come back here and talk with other like-minded individuals. It’s not like we could just go and talk to the neighbor about this type of stuff, right :joy:
Nice to meet everyone here. Hoping to hit it off with at least a few people! The journey can be lonely.


Welcome @Alchemy888

How long have you been practicing?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

What are your areas of interest?


Hi there Maddie, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:, nice to have you here. I’m also a mommy of 4. You’ll find that we’re an open-minded bunch, and you’ll fit right in here. Feel free to dive right into the recent topics, and if you can’t find the info you’re looking for after using the search function, start your own thread and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.


Hello, welcome, nice to meet you :smiley:


Hello and well met!

Very nice to read your story and learn about your path. From my lurkings here at the forum for the past year, I can tell you that you are in a good place for sharing ideas, outcomes and even some difficulties.

I look forward to reading more from you! You sound as though you can truly help a lot of people here.

Be well. :slight_smile:

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Everything popped in in 2018, so I’m kind of a newb :laughing: but I went hard with my studies and practice just searching for something that was beyond mystical feeling. I needed results. I suppose chaos Magick? I’m favorable so far to Enochian Magick. I enjoying studying. Currently I am studying the qabalah. I read tarot and use them mostly for study and reflection. I am told by many I’m a great reader but I haven’t worked up the confidence to read professionally. I also practice flame divination and dream interpretation.

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Areas of interest are recreating my life and breaking down barriers learning to embrace good things coming my way. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much I apprehensive warm welcome. Quick question if I find a thread that has relations to something I want to know am I allowed to comment on it even if it’s old?

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Thank you!

Thank you I look forward to interacting with all of you. If there’s anything that I can share that’s beneficial I’d be more than happy to, but I’m definitely here to learn as well!


Welcome to the forum! You sound like you’ll fit right in.

Oh, that’s great. Which abilities did you discover?

Oh that’s cool. Yeah, many “angels” predate the Bible. Although I heard a Kabbalist recently mention that some angels are “God’s robots”. I wonder which ones he meant. Some are definitely weird!

So which angels really deliver the best for you?

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…you’re always allowed to comment if the content is related to the thread topic. Click on the member’s avatar before posting a response to a particular poster to make sure they aren’t banned, suspended or left the forum. In that case you won’t get a response from them, but someone else may come along and answer your question.


11-25-22 @ 4:10 PM;
Hi Maddie, welcome to the forum. I wish you the best in finding the answers you’re seeking to make the changes you’re looking to make on yourself. I lot of people get into this field for many reasons, but fail to recognize/acknowledge how important it is to concentrate on themselves first, rather than trying to change the world around them. I’m glad that as a newbie, you have not made that mistake, and decided instead to work on yourself, which is just as important, and in many cases, more important and necessary in order to bring much needed change and faster resuls on whatever change is that you want in your life.