Hi, I have recently felt a strange impulse that led me here

Hi, I would like to introduce myself as I take pride on being someone with a strong word/presence.

I used to be a Catholic child. Situations in my life caused me to mature in such a way that made me very skeptical and rational and turning to atheism. During this change in my life I experimented with many different things until one night as I meditated my astral projection I felt how my room was broken into and 11 to 13 hooded figures surrounded my bed, joined hands and completely paralyzed my body. I was scared and confused and decided to force me to use my dream controlling but all I could do was look around at this figures surrounding me, I decided to break concentration from my attempt at astral projection and after everything turned pitch black I was able move again.

Recently I’ve been feeling like something is telling me I need to push through, like there is a reason to all of this as if it was my purpose in life. I am extremely confused and need help.

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Welcome to the BALG forum.

If I understand correctly, you do not practice any form of magick?

No, my first attempt at exploring the world outside the religion which I was indoctrinated to follow resulted in what I described above.

Thank you for answering my question, and again, welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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I made attempts to further myself into the unknown when I got hold of a Necronomicon as a place to start reading and had a contact with a “Witch” in Dominican Republic.

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Welcome. Have you found anything out about the robed figures since? Either by divination or by looking at/recalling the memory?

I recall what they did with their hands. At a point they were holding hands, at some other point they were holding their hands up with their palms facing my body as one of them touched my forehead and before everything turned black their hands were just shut in front of their face the same way I used to pray as a child.

Their hands were extremely strange, their fingers were more separated and longer than normal.

I hope that helps :confused:

You said they touched your forehead, the spirits could be activating your 3rd Eye

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That is strange. I mean, during the time I practiced with Astral Projection I also meditated with the goal of opening the third eye. I never really made any attempts to learn or understand how the “opening” worked or took place, is this really a possibility?

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Yes its a possiblity, but I have only heard a few stories from a few different people about it

I think trusting your intuition would be key, first and foremost. Dont overthink, were their gestures calming, sacred, or aggressive? First answer that pops.
Was it one entity or more than one? First answer that pops in. Follow your gut, because you see a whole lot more than you ‘process’.

I wouldnt freak out too* much though. Most who are called to these things have weird ass trippy experiences they cant explain. Its wild as fuck, but take it in stride and enjoy it. Things got a lot more interesting and thats always better than consistent boredom :wink:


Thank you!

Sacred I would say. It felt like they were performing some type of ritual… I don’t remember the details correctly, but there were about 9 to 11 of them surrounding my bed. I don’t remember the details correctly as this was a long time ago. A lot has changed since this post.