Hi, I am Shea

Hi All.
My name is Shea, I live in Ohio. New to this community though I have been practicing the Dark Arts for several years. I was self taught up until a few years ago when I acquired my first Demonic “Companion” Incubus. I am now guided. My second “Companion” made themselves known 2 years ago, Succubus. We now coexist in my reality sharing this physical as Full Posession.
I practice Divination, Scrying and some Ritual Work here and there. My main area of study is in Astral or Alter States of Awareness. Dreaming is a large part of what I work with as both Visionary and Lucid.
I have been made Aware.
I am here to learn and connect.


Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the BALG forum.

Welcome to the forum