Hi, I am new too & I need help


First of all, pardon for my english, I am likely to make some mistakes or sound funny, because I am not from an english speaking country. My ability in reading and understanding English is far better than my wirting skills.

I am here, because something happened to me and I have the strong feeling, that all or most of that stuff relates to magick of some sort. Over the course of months so many unusual things happened, it felt like being in a movie - a very strange, but amazing one. I have never felt so good in my entire life and I have never met so many interesting new people in such a short time.

But now I am back in my normal life, in my normal hell, and it feels even more hell than before now I’ve been at “another place”.
I miss the person I was, I miss the people and I really miss one special person.
The place where all of that happened is gone and so has almost everything else.
I have no idea, what all of that was about, it was certainly not something that happens to people very often, and it has never happened to me before.
Maybe you can help me find out what exactly it was?

When it comes to magick, I am not even a novice I think, but I use tarot cards since many years. Most of the time I’ve used to gain more knowledge of my own feelings and hiden motives.
The cards are inconclusive when it comes to that special incident and people.

I have seen and felt “things”, but I never actually called an entity. I was greaful they left me alone, because they were not friendly at all and I encountered them by chance. After the death of my grandmother she visited me in a dream and I could see my grandfather walking away at his funeral.
I can sense different energies in a room and I can sense energy in stones.

I know three people that practice magick, but they are not close friends. From what I can sense, all three are quite powerful. But most people who claim to do magick or “see things” or “ghosts” are just imposters. Also I don’t trust most of the sites on the internet, but this forum seems to be the right place for my questions. I am sure you have experienced a lot of … unusual stuff.


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Welcome to the forum.

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I am not understanding clearly what you wrote but welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

welcome to the forum.



Well, one day I met someone I have known briefly for several years and this person was having some sort of party at home. This person has invited me home on several occasions but I was reluctant to come over, because something felt strange.
But back on that day other people were there and I wasn’t afraid. I entered the apartment and had the instant feeling, that this was no “normal” place.
On that day I met some interesting people and had great conversations.
From that time on I visited this place several times a week and had meals there and conversations with the owner of that place and the people he invited.

This experiene changed me in a way. I felt more confident, had a lot more energy in my daily life and I almost completely stopped brooding over anything and anyone. I am used to be low level depressed, I cannot think of a time in my life where I was feeling good or ok for more than hours or days.
But then I felt good for months straight. I even started making plans for my life and sometimes I had completely forgotten what a mental wreck I am.

There was something about this place that encouraged that, and something about the person living there. I asked him about the place and he said he made it that way and that it was somehow shielded.
I would describe the person as neither good nor evil, but he tried to manipulate me in favour of himself, this didn’t work out as planned.
The person does not live at this place anymore and with the place all the other people vanished out of different reasons. I am still in contact with him and he is some sort of weird friend, but he has not established a new “place” and I feel sad because I enjoyed my time at the old place so much.

Imagine a bar you really liked and visited a lot has closed and you don’t see all those people there anymore. Feels like that but only worse.

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