Hi! I am new here. Just an intro

Hi I am new to the forum. Just saying hi. I have very psychic moments and sometimes see things before they happen. I do not know if this is pattern recognition or something really psychic. But I am exploring the possibilities. I also know when things have happened before I am told. I have been urged to learn to read tarot and have been dabbling in it since 1998.


Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice?


I only have read the Gallery of Magick books and attempted some of the rituals in them. I have some tarot experience and have been told I am psychic by others in a real way and know things I should not know sometimes. I know when things have happened and sometimes what is going to happen next. I don’t know if it is just that I am good at noticing patterns or something more. Would like to explore it though. Also have some iching experience and have read a lot on shamanism for past 10 yrs. Have experience with dmt spirit molecule aya, and other such things.

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Welcome @chronicwitch :blush:
Good luck exploring, do you have a Pacific area of interest that you would like to explore?

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Hi @chronicwitch welcome!!

Sorry for hearing about your problem, I hate lying and cheating assholes more than anything else…

There’s literally a ton of info on the search function ranging from going easy on them, making them suffer all the way to taking them out…

Depends on how far you want to go…

For cheating bastards I normally would Prefer working with Norath…

Buttttt you make mention of only breaking them up, still a ton of useful info on it!!!

Check it out on the search function, just read and make sure of the instructions etc carefully.

Good luck with your efforts

Dark regards


Thank you very much for your response. I would first like to break them up. Once that happens Im almost 100% sure he will be back at me with a new attempted scam.

That is when I would like to torture him myself for a while. Then I will consult more magick afterwards. I am extremely hurt and extremely angry as well.

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Are you proficient or new?

Thank you for your reply. I would still consider myself new-ish. But considering it has been 20 years I probably am better than I imagine. I am going to focus on it for a while and see where it goes. Do you read tarot?

Welcome to BALG. Use the search function up in the top right if you want to do research on different topics. There is a wealth of information and experience from the BALG community and long time practioners are regularly on here as well who are very helpful.

From reading your story, I can relate in some ways. I have had some similar things happen (shitty fiancé cheating months before the wedding and then her going off the deep end into crazy town), and also had a background in psychic and Law of Attraction (some call is practical magick) long before I officially studied magick. There are many BALG members who are open to helping and taking questions.

In my experience and observations, sometimes we must go through terrible things to be put on a path to Magick or leveling up. It doesn’t make the hurt less painful, but sometimes it can lead to a better future. Feel free to PM me as well if I can be helpful. All the best to you.


Thank you for your message! Sorry you went through a similar experience. It is really awful. Yes I have not really officially studied it either but have been exposed to a lot of things indirectly. And have been told to do it a lot haha.

My ex said he felt like he was possessed by a demon when he started his theatrics. And then became a person I did not even recognize enough to hold a convo.

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Thank you for your reply. I would still consider myself new-ish. But considering it has been 20 years I probably am better than I imagine. I am going to focus on it for a while and see where it goes. Do you read tarot?

Yes, I have about 6 different decks :slight_smile:

There are many master magicians on the site who have been doing this for many years, so it’s nice to be able to learn from their experience.

However, don’t limit yourself either. I heard a mage once say, “Every person does Magick all the time whether they know it or not.” Your own experiences and mindsets can greatly effect your results and rate at which you progress.

My background was more in the Law of Attraction and manifestation (some call it practical Magick) even if I didn’t know to call it Magick for a very long time. I believe, studying and learning rituals can speed up the results you are looking for because they can help to hone your will and target your desires efficiently, but blockages you bring with you (or let go of) can determine how quickly you progress.

I believe you said you have a background in psychic phenomenon and energy work right? Those two things are very effective tools in Magick.

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