Hi i am Lucas ( Gog ) and i am new here

Hello i would like to introduce myself to this forum.

I am 21 years old and i have been reading on this forum for quite some time. ( almost 1 and a half year ) And few of my deities wanted me to share my experiences on this forum aswell.
This i am mainly going to post journal updates on my workings with entities and my abilities as a mage. Especially Goddess Hera wanted me to make a journal here, to help other likeminded people to get some information on how to achieve … Well lets say magickal or kinetic abilities. But miracleworkings is the most precise word from what deities have told me. I am also a demonic child that has been communicating with entities by the age of 5. But i have lost all of my memories of this because it was a phase of my life that others knew will end. The only ones to remember this are my parents and entities that i have been talking to.

So here i am. My PMs are always open. Bye

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Welcome to the forum!


The forum can be a bit oversaturated with the usual at times, so it’ll be really cool to see a different current (Greek) being discussed!


Thank you a lot. I am also planning on discussing Egyptian and Norse pantheons as well. I would love to share their cultures with the world and transcended perspective on worship. But of course gods will view each person differently.

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Hi @Gog252, nice to have you here, welcome to the forum :wave:t5: I look forward to your contributions on Norse & Egyptian pantheons.

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Thanks a lot.

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Welcome @Gog252 Please tell us about yourself. You have not actually told us much of anything.

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you been practicing?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

What are your areas of itnerest?

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Thanks. I am from Czech Republic. I specialize in energy manipulation , such as energy vampirism. And divination with tarot cards.
And i like me some good old video games and a movie from time to time. I have been practicing my craft for 2 and a half years. For now i can slowly move some highly charged objects but it takes a lot of effort. I have also been listening subliminals for quite some time and i got some pretty interesting results such, such as a change of my personality and also the ability to shoot extreme thin webs from my forearm. ( and oh boy is it painful sometimes :smile: ) many people also say that i am a natural shaman. But i dont feel all that connected to nature. And to be honest i mostly relly on my brain rather than intuition. And i am mostly trying to do things that are either ancient or pioneering something new.

I am also quite nervous around people.

oh that’s interesting tell me have you tried some djinn magic, there isn’t much information about Berhathia’s spell I never tried it but it seems to have power, I say because it’s something quite old, I also remember that once I called the djinn king of the sun it made me have a streak bad luck I believe in finances and luck in general it seems that they are difficult to deal with

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The thing with entities all around us is that most of them want you to treat them as if you met a stranger on the street and as time goes by and your relationship builds, you can ask them for some special things because if your bond is strong enough you become one of their friends. And with my experience with archons and djinn… well they can be really dark and commanding for some but if you have a open mind they will respect and like you. Archons/Djinns are like templars and Galactic federation and angels are like assassins ( from assassins creed games. ) And when it comes to that spell i do my magick differently. By that i mean that i shape energy to basically have the essence of said spell. You could say its a bit of transmutation and alchemy. This is how magick was done in extremely ancient times long before even demons were made. And i never heard of it and i will search it up ( that spell ) but my results might be different. For example i did a spell about a year ago to make my eyes green and as of now they have a nice green mixture added to them.

Plus both Djinn and archons are crazy to some degree. Some even say that they suffer from dementia and sociopathy and things like that. So this curse might be actually thank you in their love language.

But to be honest they might just get offended that someone is afraid of them and that slows both them and us down a lot. But if you want to do some ancient spell i would recommend angelic works and asking Archangel Metatron for some knowledge. His library is wast and he even collects information from other cultures.

Man said “here I am, bye” :joy:the only necessary intro, welcome to the forum​:joy:

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Thats my man :smiley: