Hi how do I turn off notifications?

Sorry I like this site and the forum, its just my emails are backing up and I did not know where to go

Go to your profile and it should be in settings

ok thanks

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Pretty please don’t do that - it tells your e-mail provider that it has one person being spammed by BALG, aka receiving stuff without having signed up for it, which is a pretty serious offence in internet land, so they add to their mumbo jumbo and eventually start marking everything from them as spam.

At the bottom of each thread there’s a button to click, on this thread those who took part will see “Normal” - click that to change notifications on a thread, and in your own profile, poke around under the cog symbol & Preferences to see the rest of your options. :+1:

But pls don’t mark things as “spam” from any websites you signed up to because it counts as a black mark towards the sender with that e-mail provider. :smiley:

Comment deleted :blush: didn’t realise

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Ok no problem

Switched off mine as well - cutting back on this site.