Hi guys, I'm new here

Hi guys I’m new here, I started my spiritual journey as a shaman, I’ve been studying reiki and atraction or materialization, I’m here to learn and grow. About me now I meditate daily and work with crystals. I seek something more something I can call power


How long have you been practicing?

Well I’m 25 now since 12

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Thank you for answering. :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with evocation?

What brings you here?

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I’ve been researching on how to evoque a fallen angel to get some answers about what it means to be expelled from heaven, and some outher things

But its not any fallen angel I want one that was a father of a nephilim

But I’m currently getting lesser beings or angel guards wish I do not understand what they say

Well, you see, the whole thing about the concept of “fallen angels” and Nephilim, is, it is not a fact, it is a belief, and the angels only mention it if the magician believes in it and asks about it.

It’s like the Christian god. Spirits will pay lip service to it, but only if the magician holds belief in it.

In my experience, all spirits cater to the biases of the summoner.

Have you tried calling upon Azazel? He is/was the leader of the Watchers, according to that particular mythology.


So you’re saying that if I believe azazel can turn my vessel into a nephilim vessel he could do it?

No, I’m saying, call him and ask about this stuff.

Personally, I don’t believe it is possible for you to become part angel physically. You will still be human, with all the foibles and vulnerabilities that come with that. As one enlightened member of this forum once said, a bullet to the head will end you no matter what you call yourself be it demon, angel or god.

However, the mind can influence the body, so if you believe certain techniques will change you, your mind will make it happen. Search out the thread about the “Devil’s Gene” for how some people have used this concept.

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Hum I see I really need to learn with you guys thank you very much I will read about the devils gene

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