Hi guys, I have looked through many grimores to find a spirit Demon/Angel to hel

Hi guys, I have looked through many grimores to find a spirit Demon/Angel to help with Singing
I can sing already quite well I preform classical styles for my club, but I want to go to a whole different level, the only Spirit that has come even close to this description is “Amsariah”
“He is an excellent spirit to summon if you are a musician or any type of artist This spirit can help you create masterpieces of art in in any medium you wish.” So I figure singing is an art form in some way

PLEASE guys if you know of an Angel/Demon/Spirit which can help me out in this situation it will be very appreciated

Hathor is one of my favourite beings in the entire universe, and she’s involved with music and singing.

Thou art the Mistress of Jubilation, the Queen of the Dance, the Mistress of Music, the Queen of the Harp Playing, the Lady of the Choral Dance, the Queen of Wreath Weaving, the Mistress of Inebriety Without End.


Hathor ok I will look for her sigil and evoke her help

Lady Eva you don’t happent to know a sigil for Hathor do you?

She’s an ancient goddess and not a grimoire demon so afaik she doen’t have a recognised sigill, however you could probably create a sigil of her name on a Kamea of (for example) Venus or Sol using this method.

When you read in a grimoire that a spirit has knowledge of “all the arts” (and this is something the King Paimon is associated with) it means ALL ARTS.

Music,singing,dancing, painting,ect.

Maybe try one of them

As Musta said, Paimon is the first and obvious choice here.
However, there are also others in the old Grimoires, if, due to whatever reasons, you will not resonates with Paimon well.

You can try Vapula (he at least Tqught one guy doing the perfect digital sculptures) or some others, if you will find them better suited.