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Can someone please tell me some of the closest equivalents to the fictional God from the warhammer Universe “Nurgle” and how to contact and work with such an entity?

I have no experience in magic rituals. I have been a dilettante in the occult for some time now, although I never quite bought any of the books or any of the ritual items. I only have the Book of St. Cyprian the Mage lying on a shelf unused.
I would like to visualize the future world where EA says that Azazel and similar dark entities will enter our world and manifest. I want to know if that is a serious consideration for the future and how society will function in such future circumstances.

I would also like advice on working with beings who require the minimum amount or none of ritual items to be bought and can be worked with using daily household items [except for candles…I don’t have those at home]. I want to be dedicated, but at the same time I don’t have the resources to buy all the material as shown in some of the rituals. I also definitely don’t want to work with a being who requires me to draw my own blood or sacrifice any living being.


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You can always look into Chaos Magick for this one.

That’s any Spirit, items are just tools to help. You don’t need any tools for working with Spirits.

Tell the Spirit this, most don’t force it.


Welcome to the Family, if you have any question feel free to ask me.

Please avail yourself of the forum’s search function. It’s the magnifying glass in the upper right. You will find plenty of information to answer your questions.

Chaos is the pace for you. Chaos Sorcery will achieve the goals you seek…if you put enough energy into it.

Papa Nurgle is a lofty goal, what are your aspirations, may I ask?

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I do not know if Papa Nurgle exists or is pure fantasy or not.

However, if he existed…I would like to become a Greater Daemon like Kugath Plaguefather i.e. a Great Unclean One after my death and serve in his galactic army.

I know it might sound ridiculous. But, if Nurgle exists outside warhammer in the astral plane, only then it will be possible. I want to be a harbinger of Decay.

Also, I would prefer if someone would do me a favor and either answer or point to a forum post where I can make myself aware of those entities which I can introduce myself to through regular chanting only.

My aunt practices Nichiren Buddhism and she chants “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”.

So, if I could work with a being who does not require elaborate rituals and buying all sorts of items, but can be appeased or work for my benefit through regular chanting on my part would be good.

I might consider an altar in the future. But, that is all I can do under my personal circumstances. Drawing circles on the ground, or wearing a black robe or making designs in not possible for me. However, buying an idol and offering incense, or sitting in front of it and chanting regularly some kind of mantra is very much possible.

I recently came to know about V.K. Jehannum’s Grimoire of Deathful Wombs where he establishes contact with Qlipphothic and mythological beings using repeated chanting. He says his method of chanting is different from for example more artistic forms of devotion like those of Asenath Mason [his words].

I seek only one thing from any being/entity…and that is good health. I do not seek riches or fame. In fact if I have good health throughout my life that inevitably means that I will be financially solvent in my whole life and be able to maintain my good health and avoid unforeseen circumstances like accidents and major illnesses.

I am very grateful to anyone who helps me out here. I am a compassionate person. So, hugs and lot of thanks to anyone who is helpful. Would you consider adding me on skype if you feel comfortable guiding me personally as a friend without any consultation fees?

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I have a Discord or i could pm you, i dont like consultation fee’s, most are charlatans who draw out the conversation to make more money, and im glad to share my info the more people who awaken the better! Ive been practicing for about seven years so i think i have enough experience to start teaching others.

I just answered that question.

If you really want it, you’ve got to do the leg work.
Also look up Chaos Sorcery.

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I just told him that. I hope he is reading our comments.

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Thanks! Yeah I am reading the comments. Will look up Chaos Sorcery.

People invoke and evoke fictional beings all the time. It’s called Chaos Magick.

Stick around, you’ll see crazy things constantly that are completely normal here.

Or, you could simply call Papa Nurgle forth using your own focus, will, and intent. I know a lot of sorcerers who only use willpower.

Here’s a tip, seeing as you are focused on Papa Nurgle, try opening his sigil.

Florry Yeah Please pm me [your discord username] and I will add you on discord.

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On a related note, I personally would like to invoke Slannesh, for beauty and…other things.

Right now, I’m in a serious path working with Belial, but once that’s done, or if I have some time in the midst of that, I’ll see what the Prince has to say.