Hi everyone

I came here looking for some answers to questions that I won’t ask so you don’t think I am out of my mind.

I actually did get some surprising answers but some questions too. For now, I guess I will just keep reading.

Cheers from Argentina.


There are certain rules about introductions. Yours tells us nothing much. So, how and why did you find BALG and questions do you have? What’s your favourite food and why? If you could travel back in time and meet yourself aged ten years old what advice would you give? Why don’t you already have a Magickal Journal and why haven’t you made and consecrated your Magickal weapons yet?

Anyway, all I’m suggesting is that you kindly fill us in a bit about your good self. That’s all. And welcome.


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Welcome @Lucifogo. Please properly introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. This post tell us nothing about you and so does not meet the requirement of our rule.

How old are you?

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick, if any, do you have experience in?

These are important things to include in an introduction, as they help us to provide advice and direct you to appropriate resources, as well as to evaluate any advice you may give.

Hi Al,

Sounds fair. I’ll try to answer all of that.

I found BALG looking for Lilith and Baphomet. I think I found it some months ago too, looking for Flauros and Furfur.

I have lots of questions but I do rather read a bit more before asking them.

I am eating a big angus beef now, bleu… But I rather have pizza. Why? I love making pizza and it also reminds me of my dad.

If I could go back and meet 31y/o me I would say “Don’t worry so much, it will all be fine. Also, don’t trust the lady in yellow”. I guess I would find out NOW that the second advice is just a joke. Or maybe not?

I do have a magickal journal written like a story as some guides asked me to do over the past few years.

I have no idea what a magickal weapon is and how to consecrate it. I am supposed to be an anchor for a medium and I should be sort of a magickal weapon for them, or so was I told.



Hi there,

I just gave some info but let’s see.

I’m 41.
I don’t know what I practice. I can autowrite since I was 18/19 but didn’t gain much while doing that.

A few years back I met a medium, we started invoking spirits just because we both liked the occult when younger and l, first try hand, 6 or 7 demon names were mentioned. Over time we learned it was Baphomet, who seemed to seek me, and so did Lilith.

My medium could channel entities and I learned I could securely call whomever we wanted, anyone, and make them go too. They had a name for what we could achieve but I can’t remember it now.

Does that sound familiar? I haven’t found anything like that in here.

I lost my medium a few months ago and what I can channel is just useless, so I am sort of… abandoned, and with many unanswered questions.

If I am understanding correctly, you summoned the spirits, but your medium friend was the one who they spoke through?

It sounds like a type of invocation, only instead of calling a spirit into yourself, you called them into your friend.

It sounds very similar to an old, traditional form of ceremonial magick, where a young child or virginal girl was used as a medium and seer within rituals, because it was believed they were pure and untainted.


They called her a medium or “the means” and they called me an anchor or a door. Since I supposedly have much energy that I can use to create things, and she was good channeling these spirits.

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Also we never meant to talk to anyone in particular but certain entities kept showing up, sometimes using other names that then we learned were theirs too. One was Anton LaVey whom we had no idea about, and then Flauros and they gave certain advice to help us move in a particular direction. Over time it all became pretty crazy and surreal.

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That actually sounds more like spiritualism than invocation. :thinking:

In spiritualism, the medium never directly calls anything specific but gives a general call for whatever wants to communicate to step forth. It was all the rage in the nineteenth century, but could be dangerous with a legitimate medium because the majority of people didn’t know how to protect themselves from anything that didn’t have their best interests at heart.

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Well we got all sort of visitors but demons kept showing up, so we started to become interested. Lilith called her a succubus and usually insulted her and scared her, but she loved me… over time, maybe after a year or more, we learned through Flauros, that she was my mother and that I was one of her first sons and a seed, always returning to earth until I could claim… Something, I never knew.
After that and other events in which I was “the star”, to put it that way, my friend started to be reluctant to continue and after a while we didn’t speak again. She suddenly lost interest. Prior to that, she was told that she was holding me back and that they would change my medium so I could continue my path.

I feel delusional writing all of this, never wrote or said this out loud before.

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Thank you for the in depth explanation.

I think I was wrong in my previous post. Rather than invocation, I think you were actually practicing a form of indirect evocation, only instead of evoking into a triangle or shewstone and having a seer then communicate, your medium acted as a channel.

Very nice. It’s actually a very old technique.

Don’t worry about feeling delusional. You will find a lot more fantastical stories than what you have described on this forum :slight_smile:

Have you tried to summon the spirits yourself, without a medium?

Thank you for paying attention and giving me advice and opinions.

I’m back at the computer so now I can write a bit more.

I always tried summoning spirits but it usually ends up in someone “pulling my leg”, we asked… and I learned that since I am no medium I can only call very low forms that just want to feed on my energy or get some attention, I am not good enough of a medium to call anyone interesting, unfortunately.

My skill is to use energy, somehow… not so long ago someone asked my friend to help a friend of her get rid of a low entity that was feeding on her and she couldn’t really do that, so she asked me, I just concentrated on that person, that I didn’t even know about and after a while they called her to thank her, because the entity was gone… when things like that happened I still felt crazy, but a bit less, since I could prove, somehow, that maybe some of all that was true.

Now I am left on my own with all of that though, since I have no means to communicate with anybody else. Something we tried, since entities like Baphomet drained her, gave her sort of amnesia and made her feel sick, was to have her “transfer” her ability to me, so to speak, and I would concentrate and actually see in my mind and really hear the voices talking to me, it was amazing.

Now something that also happened was that they didn’t like how my friend represented them, she felt they were evil and mean entities so they sort of were when they went through her, but when they went through me they were very different, since that’s how I felt about them, if that makes any sense.

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That makes perfect sense. Spirits communicate through our consciousness, and they can be influenced by the biases we all hold within that consciousness. If someone holds a lot of fear of demons, and thinks of them as evil, that is how they will manifest to that person most of the time.

However, it is important to note that, while most demons are not the evil beasts that religion says they are, there indeed are beings out there that are evil, and want nothing less than to see the universe burn. Never make the common mistake a lot of people on the Left Hand Path make of thinking all demons are the same, or that they are all cuddly and fluffy.

Prowl around the forum, and try out some of the methods of evocation available here. If you are skilled in energy manipulation, you should be able to sense the presence of any spirits you call.

However, if you feel you are troubled by “low forms,” you may want to begin with learning a banishing ritual, to clear your area, and set up a boundary that nothing can cross except what you call.

You know… I used to clear the area and setup a sort of door that only whomever I called would cross, that worked great… but I only did that when I worked with my friend, I don’t know why I didn’t try that on my own. I will do that, and I will also look around for those rituals in here.

I will check the evocation methods too, that I think I really need to learn about.

Thanks for your help, it feels awesome to talk to someone about this and not feel I belong to an asylum, which is something that I can’t stop feeling and that some guides we had through the years told me I should stop doing, because it translates into disbelief and, therefore, a limitation.

Thank you!!

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

One thing to remember is that you do not need to be a natural medium to summon and communicate with spirits. While it is easier for some more than others, anyone can build the skills with dedication. It is really no different than any other talent humans possess. You might not be an Olympic level runner, but, barring disability or injury, you can run.

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Welcome to the forum Damian😎

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