Hi everyone!

Many many years ago, i had a strange being that decided he was gonna live with me , in my bedroom. It was pretty awesome in the begginning, i felt like i was one of those ghost hunters from tv shows, but after some days dwelling in the corner of my room, i started to have very bad dreams ( i was heavily suffering from sleep paralysis ) , i was depressed, and i started to feel drained… 2 years had passed with this thing, every new days was worse than the day before, and i finnally found a way to
Get rid of it, and it is that event in my life that got me into occult magick… i still had sleep paralysis from time to time, demons and "evil spirits "were scaring me to death, but one day, i had one last case of sleep paralysis, and at that moment, i decided to stop being afraid , and a few month back , ive decided to try evoking a goetic demon, 2 first time were a failure , but the third one was not… and since then, ivegot a that “fix” of that black magic venom, im not kinda addicted, and it is starting to take a bigger and bigger part in my life , and im looking forward to meet other people with the same passion in BM, and here I am, on the BALG forum! :wink:


Welcome my dude.
The way I got into the occult was very similar. Parasites and poltergeists are nasty business. I’m glad we made it through. Welcome to balg :+1:

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Thank you,my lady :wink:

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