Hi everyone

I’m new here…
Kaung min sett from Asia
Current goal is to make a successful summoning
As for long term goal, i would like to make a pact with well-knowledge devil.
i’m starting to learn occultism and a big fan of Crowley and Manly P Hall. Thanks

Welcome. Search for the simplified evocation guide to help get started, if you’d like an interesting read.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, @death666, and welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience at all in magick?

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things.

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@DarkestKnight hey,no experience in magick but i did try to summon succubus last night. But i had a hard time communicating. Talking about summoning , I don’t know if the ritual is succeed or not. Can you guide me?

Welcome !

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But you did sense a presence? Honestly if having a hard time getting communication but you think one is there talk dirty to them and tell them how you’d want to make it about them picture the acts in your mind if you add a tail it should be easier for you mind to link it to them. So yes hopefully I there’s one there you might not feel them touch you but they can still giving a overwhelming sexual sensation like I stantly our breathing changes and you just feel blissful. If ones there I assume they will do this for you to show you there there. Sounds like you might be off o a good start on being able to be Hurd and just need to amplify your abilities here’s a super good website about opening your chakras do the opening of the soul thing first then the multiple day vibration chants it’ll help alot. I’ve been lazy lately and need to restart the multiple day vibration chants, it says to use the lesser words for beginner but the first time I ever did one I used elder words and it did amazing effects combined with making a eternity bond with my parents. I’ll link the web page it’s literally the best source of this kindo thing I’ve ever seen.


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Thanks man it’s quite helpful and will try right away. @Vaynord

Practice communication techniques

any ideas? @NailOH

Use the search function , time , patience and practice

Your welcome @death666
Doing chakra meditations and energy manipulation will probably help you the most to start to open up I’m in same boat just a bit more experience if you do all seven of the awaken the souls then start doing the multiple day vibration chants you’ll probably pass me up I’ve been sorta bad at doing what leads to what I want basically the most out of what I can ontrol. If you practice vibrating the ord TOOHHHH until our figure out the vibration that rings your forehead kill be amazed with how much you advance almost instantly once you complete the 4 days by day four my aura was like five times bigger if not more I’ve never had it that open from meditation again. Well besides when I went around all day thinking of random magical enhancements to place on strangers and showed kids how to lose there hands and make a bright blue flash of protection. That day it was opened in normal sight like how a manafestation looks but all the pieces of matter were moving straight up I also double jumped that day and did my first attempt at enchanting when I did so the knifes that were allready caring energy were revealed to me.