Hi everyone, new here :)

Hi, my name is Vier but you can just call me Apple as well :slight_smile:
I’m 24 y.o as of this year, and came from SEA. I didn’t practice magick but have been dwelling in paranormal and reading about magick in the past years. I’ve been working on my psychic senses and at least able to talk to the otherworldly and sometimes includes them in my artwork if they gave me visions.
I have many interest but now I’m eager on reading about the ancient gods, especially lovecraftian deities. Having contact with them makes me think if there are more untapped forces masked behind fiction works… So that’s a bit about me, thank you for reading! :laughing:


welcome. What is SEA? Tried to search up.

SEA: South East Asia, I don’t feel comfortable revealing my country yet as they’re very strong on religious practices, both for good and bad lol


that is fine. I just wanted to know what it means.

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Welcome ! :fire:

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