Hi Everyone - I'm Sages

I am looking to work Belial. I would like his assistance and so far I’ve been one foot in one foot out. I want material things but still want spiritual insight. I want to work with one at a time as I am new. I had someone who I loved very much leave under mysterious circumstances. One day totalling in love with me…the next won’t even talk to me. But I tried to accept it but months it still gets me emotional. I want to know the hidden factors of his affection and have him back in union with me. So Belial alone…I also want familiars and communicate with the spirits.

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Welcome. Do you want all of this right away? What experience do you have?

Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience at all in magick or are you a complete beginner?

I have dabbled. Other persons have said they detect I have special powers. I have contacted Belial. I say his enn in the morning. I want him to help me learn more but also return a lover to me. He left under mysterious ways and its been months and I’m still suffering. Getting sick real bad too. I’m not sure if he dabbled and put something on me or someone cast a separation spell. However Belial I’ve asked for help for him to contact me soon.

I will be casting a obsession spell, and a reconciliation spell. I will call on Belial. I’m new to this. Should I ask Shallows or Paimon. I feel my ex still thinks about me but he seems to be irritated by something. Anyways if God allows ppl to be so deeply connected… I’m sure he can understand me wanting him back. He blocked me… Without warning. And I had no idea that I still had his voice on my phone. And its saying he wants to see me. Would playing it make it quicker? Any help. And I also want to do a beautification spell.

Right away I want my lover back. I know over time I will learn the spirit world the familiars. I want to know the truth so to speak. I’ve never cast a spell other than placing intentions.

I’m not sure of many dabblers getting strong results right off the bat so I wouldn’t know if he’s done something. It could be someone else. But if he is just an occasional dabbler then I think he won’t have protection up as strong if he even attempted. Why’d you choose Belial and not a Demon like Sallos? Might be unadvisable but tasking Sallos to make his heart open up to you, then Dantalion to make him change his mind about you, then task Gremory to attract sexual lust from him. Contact and task them maybe 8 days apart, so the magick can get flowing well, unless you want to attempt to layer closer which isn’t as safe and too, since doing too much for the same thing can make the magick shatter. Also don’t lust for the results, just be thankful that everything’s in order the way you want it. Whenever you feel desperate like you need the results now, replace it with feeling thanks. If it’s all done right, you’ll get what you want and more. Normally Sallos alone would be enough but I’ve noticed with many exes they can be stubborn and there’s always a tug between what they want and what you want, they can resist strongly especially when you’re new to spellwork, you almost have to control their actions for it all to work for you. There are other things that can be done and break them then cast the love magick but it’s longer and not for everyone as many hold dear to their morals and righteousness.

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Thanks for this information. I do chant for Belial…but to be honest I’m dreaming about Sallos. I dreamt of him with a red beard and also croc with multiple legs. I will stay with Belial for knowledge and I’m going try Sallos with this event.

I called today and he answered. My number is still blocked tho.

To clarify…I called from another number and he answered. I let him know it was me and he did not end the call. He said he could not hear me well. We had small chit chat. But he told me to call him back…which when I did no answer. Somehow he is pretending he did not blocked me…but I’m still blocked.

I called on Sallos with Belial as my guidance. I’m so excited. We are talking again and flirting too.

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