Hi everbody!

Magick name Kian (explanation: Besides the obvious reference to the name of the entity/mental state the “N” at the end adds another idealistic interpretation in which “KI” represents Earth/earthly entities and “AN” comes from “Ang” an entity that represents the sky/air, the junction of both forms the name that means Heaven and Earth as one.

Magicks I like: I’ve done sympathy magic, I’ve performed some Wicca rituals (although at that time I didn’t do the banishings, I find the Golden Dawn ones too complex to be performed in my room and with 24/7 attentive ears of my parents) like magic oils and I’ve done a Bad Eye Ring described in Brittany Nightshade’s Book of Shadows… And now I am in servitors magick.

I have developed my own method of banishing, although should I need to I can use some like psalm reading and astral vine flowers. I was once a Catholic, then an atheist, then an Aristotelian, and now I’m into chaos philosophy. I work in an esoteric store selling products (I’m from Brazil) and I also like the Orixás a lot, especially the figure of Exu. I have some cards of public servitors (I found them in a Brazilian site of Chaos Magic, they are very reliable and functional from my own experience) like Khundalina, Cochilupous, ExuZen and Mimic.

Current struggles: There’s a very bullheaded boy at my school who is tormenting me a lot in class. I don’t know if my subconscious decided that it was not the time to magically attack him or if my subconscious has forgiven him for being ungrateful to me. I’m in this dilemma whether to put a really heavy curse on him, or just put one on him to keep him away from school (transfer him to another school).

Current ambitions: Form an in-person group of chaos mages at my school (it’s a catholic school, but nothing that can’t be worked around :wink: they’re pretty liberal too) to strengthen the servitors. I also want to improve my mood to increase my influence on my friends and help them in some issues they tend to ignore me

That’s all! Nice to meet you guys/girls…

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Welcome @MrKeleton

How long have you been pacticing?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions beyond the chaos magick paradigm?

What are your areas of interest, besides servitors?

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Ehh… I already listed that on my post but I will answer. I’ve practicing magick in general since 15, I know other types of magick like sympathetic magick, wicca magick (I used Eros and Aphrodite), Natural Magick and Saints Magick. I don’t follow any strict believe, I just believe in future karma (A thing that you will do in your future affect your current situation or past situation). I’m interested in the Orishas from Candomblé, especially Exu because of his charismatic personality and because he opens the door of the spiritual world to the operator.

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And roughly how long is that?

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I was trying to, um… Hide my actual age but, it was just a year ago. My mom and other parents are very esoteric related, so I think this kinda helped me awakening my potential. That’s why I did with success a lot of magick, but in the cost (one year ago I didn’t know how to do banishing, I was thinking that existed only the Golden Dawn method). I’m 16 now :stuck_out_tongue:

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