Hi conscious souls

hi every body i am behzad from iran . as i said once i prayed to all gods to help me and a shape of pentagram appeard in my left hand . as i sow that i was totally freaked out because never in my life i have had such experience seing spirit or any paranormality. tough i grow up in a muslem family but at that time i remember some cristians bullshit as sign of beast and so . the pentagram vanished 15 minutes later . mounts later i found out that only god that came to help me was the great lucifer and i insult him as many other ignorant humans. now i have many problems in my life and as i see the revers pentagram in this sites i knew that i would find my answers here . i have many subcontiuos religious dogmas and i am not very interested in banefull magic against others but just to find a solution to my addiction problems and as a doctor i am completly disapponited with medicals way


Thank you for doing an introduction and welcome :slight_smile: