Hi all! My introduce

Hi all. I am russian speaking practitioner from Ukraine. I am 28 y.o. I practice magic from 16 years old. Western tradition and the left hand path are not popular in my country. I am interested in communicating with dark practices from around the world, sharing experiences and friendships. The experience of dark ascent is very interesting, since now I am doing it.
I and my student recently released a small opensource Grimoire. We have worked deeply on the Kingdom of Shadows from “Kingdoms of Flame”. I am working now on a russian-language textbook (manual) on demonology and evocations. My position is in free Knowledge for any person.
Sphere of Occult Interests: Demonology, Kabbalah, Qliphoth, Left Hand Path, Exorcism, Goetia.
I post for free one of my many spirits. Use it at your discretion. =)


Welcome :blush:


Welcome to the forum :blush:

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Welcome:) :slight_smile:

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Welcome, thank you for sharing on of you many treasured entities.

Many of the member here would love to exchange notes, I for one would love to have many more details about the KOF.

Blessed be, and may you have successful time researching your desired knowledge.

thx for nice words))
Whats is KOF?

Kingdom of flames

That would be awesome, you said it was online right? Is there an option to have the webservice trsnslate it?

i can give .pdf grimori (25 A4) and 27 - other evoc. and my articles of daemonology. you can translate for yourself. it is opensource project

Thank you for your generosity, why don’t we offer this to all members

i want give it for all but it is russian
p.s. i want nice witch-girlfriend from here. I hope that there are nice girls. hahahah

You are welcome to share their minds, that’s the sexiest part. There nice, very friendly. And who knows, maybe there are other members here from the Ukraine like yourself who might put a spell or two on you.

Where is sexist?) I want nice releationships)).
Ukraine - is dead as a state You do not know how is toxic our comunity))

to me, a woman with intelligence is super sexy to me. And I didn’t know that the Ukraine is full of toxic people, but that’s normal for most places.

Holy fuck are you kidding me?!

Posting links to PIRATE the grimoires sold by the owners of this forum is a great way to get banned.

I banned the guy who thinks that giving away intellectual property OF THE PEOPLE WHO OWN AND PAY FOR THIS FORUM is a great idea, @Healing_Heart, if you want to put your bank and credit card details on here to offer for all members, please go right ahead, because it;s pretty much the same thing - facilitating the giving away of property, only at least your bank and CC details are your own to give. :woman_facepalming:

Come on people, think things through already! :+1:


I forgot the e, it not sexist, it’s sexeist, I can’t spell

Wait that book is sold by the owner, I am terrible sorry, Marthosis, don’t share that book with anyone.

@Lady_Eva Is the top picture part of the copyrighted property?

Not sure, but if it’s from KoF then it’s okay to share a single sigil.

I am truly sorry