Hi all I'm The_ Authenticator

Hi folks I’m The_Authenticator, I’ve been practicing Magick of various kinds ( anywhere from Hoodoo to Hermetics) for roughly 13 1/2 years though I’m still new to Evocation/Spirit work simply due to the fact that that I didn’t feel I needed it and am now finally getting into it.
Also if anyone’s interested I have a YouTube Channel called “The Authenticator”( with the same display icon ) and on there I have a series called “A Mystic Vogs” where I talk about Magick as it pertains to popular culture it’s a bit of a work in progress but there it is if you’re interested feel free to look me up

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.

You have said that you have practiced various systems for many years, so what is your current main practice?

Hermetics, Theosophy, Anthroposophy and Neoplatonic mostly at the moment, like I said I’m diving head first into Summoning/Evocation right now, it’s kind of a thing with me that I don’t raise a spell until I’m reasonably confident of a certain level of expertise therein I’m heavy on the scholarship/ academic riggor side of things, I like to know as much as I can before the first circle is drawn, and I rarely use Magick without a good reason, this business with Evocation is the most active I’ve been practice-wise in a good long while, partly due to complacency I guess


Very nice.

Are you looking at evocation through the framework of Hermetics primarily then, like what is presented in Bardon’s work?

Bardon’s work seems a little bit too “white-lighty” for me and way too “enlightenment” focused, I’m not a fan of large amounts of spiritual abstraction or “woo” as I like to put it plus on a practical note his book on the subject is close to $60 in paperback and given its confusing mix of dry academic language and ifemerial woo I’d sooner save it for later when I’m less practice focused

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Do you have a particular system of evocation you are leaning towards then?

I myself worked in Hermetics for a time, but I primarily practice the system of evocation of EA Koetting now. I find its simplified structure perfect for the adding or subtracting of different techniques.

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I’m kind of looking into multiple systems in the hopes of finding the universal commonalities and sort of building my own from scratch, I’ve asked for E.A’s book for Christmas ( among others) with any luck those along with the 4 I already have will help me get a solid methodical handle on it


Hello im new. I recently watched an invocation of lucifer video on line he came to me. I felt the power of it all. But it put me to sleep. I asked for things but cant tell if he accepted… I was high & didnt think it would work… He cleared up my senses by making me tired i went to sleep… Whats next i still feel on fire