Hi everyone, I’m a new member of the forum, I’m Italian so I don’t speak English well. I signed up because for some time I have been reading several posts here on the forum, I approached magic mainly out of curiosity and now I intend to practice it for urgent help. For some reason I can’t work with magic as if it were stuck, my life is going to hell and I know it’s because of the bill of a person I don’t know how to solve. If anyone can help me I would be very pleased.

Welcome o/
If you feel stuck, something is holding you back. Meditate and listen inside of you what it is. Maybe it’s fear, doubt, impatience or something else.
Concentrate on your chakra to sense if there’s something not working well, that can give you the answer as well.
Trust in your own abilities and don’t lose your head. :blush:

Hey welcome! Everyone here is super helpful so I am sure you can find the help you need. If you use the search function you can also find a lot of the topics too! Good luck to you on your adventure and path.

Also Italy I am so jealous! That’s one of the counties on my bucket list of travel!

Thank you

Is a beautiful place

That’s what I have seen from movies, tv, books and the net. I want to go soooooo bad!

Ciao heyla, i was wonder since i can pm you. And if u can pm. I was wonder if u knw some occult shops, in italia but in messaje, oe anyway i can comunicare plz. Thanks