Hey Y'alls!

My name is Mimi and I am pleased to join you all. I have been trying to develop my skills in magic and have been working toward that end for several years now. I took some courses early on to learn some basics of candle magic and developing my own rituals. From there I moved on to talismans - some of which I purchased from other and some I created on my own. For the last couple of years I have had some good things happen from working with the GOM books. I am looking forward to learning more and honing my skills.


Welcome to the forum.

Have you worked within any specific systems of magick?

Hi and thanks for the welcome!
I have been working with some of the Gallery of Magic books in the last couple of years. Have had mixed results, but mostly positive. I haven’t had too much time over the last few years to do more than that. I am hoping now that I have more free time I can find a system that is more suited to me. I guess I will lurk and dabble for a bit, hoping to learn more.

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Welcome! Glad to have you :slight_smile: